Novelties of Electronic Arts presented at Gamescom

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Electronic Arts has held a great press conference at Gamescom exhibition in Cologne

Novelties of Electronic Arts presented at Gamescom

Electronic Arts has held a great press conference at Gamescom exhibition in Cologne.

Developers have given gamers a lot of news, generously confirming their words with demonstration of the new games on the screen. Firstly, EA “game-makers” showed the fresh video of role-based project Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is one of the most expected RPG of the year. Developers have kindly supplied the new trailer with Russian subtitles, and in comments to this video they have promised gamers more than 200 spells and skills, 200 upgrades of the weapons, 150 types of armor and more than 150 hours of gameplay. All this happiness, called Dragon Age: Inquisition, will «fall» on grateful players already in upcoming autumn, in particular, on November 20, 2014.



Besides this, of course, Electronic Arts has showed some of their sport simulators, thanks to which the company acquired its reputation. FIFA 15 once again is promised to be "the best football simulator ever." Special attention developers paid to the working out of goalkeepers. It becomes immediately apparent that goalkeepers can actually surprise the players both with the exactitude of models and with the reality of behavior in gaming and non-gaming situations. Well, and for those who are not going to pay a pretty sum for FIFA 15, Electronic Arts is preparing a "free" option of football sim called FIFA World, which is, by the way, positioned as a project developed specifically for Brazil and the CIS countries.



Also EA presented a new hockey sim to the gaming community. And if in FIFA 15 the goalkeepers have become the subject of boasting, in NHL 15 developers decided to impress gamers with the new control system of hockey-stick and puck. Despite the repeated over and over again promises to make the new virtual hockey more realistic and to improve graphics, many game journalists called the shown at the exhibition video of NHL 15 dull and boring.



A mech-shooter Titanfall, which has already managed to become extremely popular, also hasn’t gone unnoticed. It has been presented in the context of announcement of the last downloadable addition, which will be released next autumn under the name of IMC Rising and will present three new multiplayer maps to the gamers.



A lot of time developers also allotted to another type of sims – “life simulator” The Sims 4. As it was expected, most words have been dedicated to the editor of characters and designer of homes. The last one is able to operate in a drag-and-drop mode now, which greatly facilitates the task of "furnishing" rooms. By the way, you can download the demo version of this game right now, and all the characters created in it will not be lost. After the official release of The Sims 4, all the "residents" can be "relocated" from the demo to the final version.



In addition, representatives of Electronic Arts have vaunted of success of their MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, and have re-presented another MOBA-game “Dawngate”, which actually had been already presented at the last E3. Also they have given some detail regarding Shadow Realms - a recently announced novelty, development of which is implementing by the guys of Bioware Austin studio. In particular, a teaser trailer of this project has been shown to the visitors. And at the end, of course, they haven’t forgotten to talk about Battlefield Hardline, which is actively developing by Visceral Games now, and will be released by Electronic Arts. So, EA promised gamers a new game mode, where e-sports teams could compete 5x5.



We continue to monitor the events of Gamescom exhibition in Cologne actively and promise you another portion of the latest news in the nearest time.


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