Nosgoth - One million downloads in one week

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Nosgoth, the free-to-play multiplayer action-adventure game from Psyonix and Square Enix, surpassed the one million download mark 


Nosgoth, the free-to-play multiplayer action-adventure game from Psyonix and Square Enix, surpassed the one million download mark (the number of lifetime downloads of the game) after just one week. The open Beta launched on January 21 on PC, with players flooding the servers. 

“It’s great that everyone can now experience Nosgoth with the launch of Open Beta. We’re grateful for the continued support from the players, some of whom have been with the game since the very beginning of Closed Alpha over a year ago,” said Phil Rogers, CEO of Square Enix in the West. “We’ll continue to add new content and features to the game and with the help of the community we’ll keep improving what Nosgoth has to offer.”


Meet the Summoner



"The Summoners of Clan Melchahim have supernatural projectile-absorbing shields, large and long range sorcerous barrage attacks, and an ability to summon and command ghouls called from the underworld – the Summoner class offers a unique and different gameplay experience to existing Vampire classes in Nosgoth."


Special Ability (RMB)

  • Abyssal Bolt
    Conjure and throw a sphere of dark magic that damages nearby enemies over time and explodes after a few seconds
  • Hell Strike
    Target an area with streams of dark energy that explode on impact


Primary Ability (Q)

  • Summon Stalkers
    Summon two Lesser Ghouls that strike at any nearby enemies
  • Summon Slayer
    Summon a single Greater Ghoul that hunts a specific target


Secondary Ability (F)

  • Abyssal Barrier
    Conjure a wall of dark magic that repels projectiles


After unlocking the Summoner, you will also be able to unlock all her alternate abilities, skins and execution, in one single bundle, at a discounted price. This pack doesn't include the Summoner unlock, but rather, bundles all her extra content together in one purchase. It features "Hell Strike", "Summon Slayer", all four skin variants, her alternate execution (Blood Rain), and a special Clan Melchahim player banner."


You can download Nosgoth via Steam.


Source: Nosgoth

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