Nintendo will turn your smartphone into Game Boy

Oct 05 2018 2 min read

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Nintendo recently registered an interesting patent in the USA. Turns out it’s a plastic body case that’s designed to turn your smartphone into a portable Game Boy console with functioning buttons. By the way, there are already some unofficial protection cases, which make your smartphone’s back panel look like classic console. In this case it is an original device made by Nintendo

This device is more than just a body with buttons, interacting with touchscreen and transmitting the commands. It’s designed in a way that fully realize Game Boy experience at your smartphone, while you’re playing the games specifically developed with Game Boy gameplay in mind. This way you get an original portable console from your gadget. Don’t forget that to see your entire screen you can just open the front panel of the body case without having to detach entire device completely. 

Considering the device looks quite finished, I’m wondering when exactly we’re getting Game Boy emulator for iOS and Android? I can bet the oldfags and fans of the handheld will look forward to Nintendo releasing this magical gadget with required software into the market. 

Check out these design charts: 


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