Nintendo pulled an adult Mahjong game from eShop

Mar 18 2019 2 min read

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Steam has recently deviated from its no-nudity policy and started excepting games with adult content. The new rules don’t apply for other companies though, and an interesting story took place in the Nintendo gameverse recently.

A game called Super Real Mahjong PV got removed from eShop after an intervention from Japanese rating agency CERO. The game originally released back in 1995 on PC; it features the ancient gameplay of Mahjong and female characters who undress when you complete a level.

In the modern Switch release, Mighty Craft studio didn’t do a good job of concealing the nudity. You can search for Super Real Mahjong PV (we won’t provide links here) to see, that the game truly looks and sounds NSFW.

Though Super Real Mahjong PV is too “PEGI 18” for eShop (and probably most other high-profile game stores), it’s not too bad for YouTube and Twitter. You can easily search for gameplay footage and screenshots on social media, where a light line conceals the body parts you won’t show even on a beach.

A message from CERO suggests that it will resubmit Super Real Mahjong PV on eShop with concealed nudity. That’s highly doubtful since most players didn’t download the game for its superb Mahjong gameplay in the first place.


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