Next Halo game might be bad, says Ninja

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Next Halo game might be bad, says Ninja

Radio silence from Halo devs makes Ninja suspicious.

Back in June, 343 Industries announced the sixths installation of Halo franchise which was called Halo Infinite. Back then the developers unveiled a beautifully crafted trailer with gameplay engine footage.

During a stream on Mixer, the story writer Jeff Easterling confirmed that Halo Infinite isn’t some prequel release, but a continuation of the main story.

 Tyler Blevins, known to the Twitch community as Ninja, voiced concerns regarding the new Halo game.

In this clip, Ninja says that by this time Halo developers should have shared or leaked more than just a game trailer. 

— They could do so much more to hype up Halo right now.

In this clip Ninja says that 343 Industries refrain from showing anything, so that people buy the game, hoping it’s very good, while in reality, it isn’t. Here is how he describes the possible thought process of the developers:


—It’s like we don’t let anyone know what it looks like, so that when it comes out they buy it to see if it’s good. And then it won’t be! And we’ll have sold millions of copies by then.


Ninja also confirmed, that it’s a long shot and he could very well be wrong.

 There are many reasons why Halo developers might not want their game exposed for months after announcement. One of those could be a plethora of NDAs that can’t be avoided when you are dealing with a company as big as Microsoft. Second possible reason — a stretch in development. The game could be taking longer to produce than was originally planned because, for example, developers decided to implement Battle Royale mode.


There is no set release date for Halo Infinite, so it will probably be pushed to early months of 2019.

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