New video guide from Na`Vi Ceh9: fake grenades

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New video guide from Na`Vi Ceh9 about fake grenades may actually help you survive on de_dust2

In the new video on Na`Vi CS:GO channel Arseniy Trynozhenko (or Ceh9 as most of us know him) showed a few tricks that might come useful both for new CS:GO players and veterans.

In the short video guide, Ceh9 tells about how to use fake nades on probably the most popular Counter-Strike map of all time, de_dust2. The tips come handy if you play in 2x2 mode or just found in a situation when there are not as many enemies left. Or maybe you'll just want to trick your enemy using the tactics in any possible way you can come up with. Anyway, remember: if you are short of grenades, you can always throw your teammate…

The video is in Russian but Ceh9 added English subtitles, enjoy!


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