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We decided to share some insider info about new toys that are in development now.

It is not a secret for our site visitors that in addition to interesting news, intense tournaments and live broadcasts of various events, products colorful soft toys in the form of the heroes of computer games and it's symbolics.

We decided to share some "insider info" with our reader and to introduce two new toys, which are we working on at this moment.

They are dedicated to the heroes of new MOBA-game from Blizzard called "Heroes of the Storm". The first one is a cutie Abatur in Pajamathur skin.

And the second is Murky with his fish companion.

Share your thoughts and suggestions in comments about what we should make next.

Be sure - we are very enthusiastic and will start as soon as possible! has a complete production cycle, starting from design and ending with the realization of the idea in the fabric and plush.

Besides, we love our creations so much that organize them personal photo shoots in arms of beautiful girls.

We hope that very soon everyone will be able to buy our wonderful toys, and prepare an army to battle with customers. Tauren army!

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