New stuff in development and increased Team League rewards

Jul 06 2016 3 min read
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Heroes of the Storm devs keep making the game fans happier by creating new heroes, skins and mounts and adding them to the game. Here’s a video digest showing new developments made by Blizzard.

It’s almost time for some new additions to the Nexus, including our two upcoming Heroes: Gul'dan and Auriel! Check out the video below to catch a glimpse of these two powerful paragons of light and darkness, along with some of the other awesome stuff coming to the game in the near future:





Master Auriel

Crimson Hare


Master Gul'dan

Obsidian Cyber Wolf


Balespider Gul'dan

Demonic Hellsteed


Demonic Auriel

Elemental Lizard


Mystic Kingdoms Arthas

Epic Elemental Lizard


Spellbreaker Johanna


Striker Li-Ming

"We hope you're excited about these new additions to the Nexus. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, and, as always, we'll see you in the Nexus!"

So prepare your wallets, guys, soon it's time to grab new heroes and some skins to show off to your enemies and friends ;)

The dev team doesn’t forget those who go through blood, sweat and tears trying to climb the ranked ladder so they decided to buff Season 1 Team League rewards.

"It’s no secret that Heroes of the Storm is an absolute blast when you’re playing with friends, and raiding the Team League queue as a five-player party only turns the fun up to eleven. However, we know that it can take a little more effort to make sure everyone’s schedules line up when it comes time for a few Team League matches, and the games themselves involve quite a bit more coordination and communication than our other modes. That said, we’d like to try something new for those of you who assemble five-player squads in search of ranks, rewards, and glory in Team League".


Starting today, and for the remainder of Ranked Season 1, we’re amping up the rewards you can earn just by playing Team League:

  • Each Team League game you complete will now award 100% Bonus XP.
  • Team League Gold rewards have been increased to 50 per win, and 30 per defeat.

Even sweeter, Stimpack bonuses will stack additively with these new reward amounts, making Team League the best place to squeeze the most out of an active Stimpack per game.


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