New League of Legends hero delayed due to "gameplay-impacting issue"

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Riot discovered a bug that was affecting the new hero.

League of Legends patch 5.19 was released last week, and it was meant to bring with it a brand new Champion, the strange wolf spirit pair known as Kindred. Ultimately that didn't happen, as Riot discovered a bug that was affecting the new hero.

"We found an important, gameplay-impacting issue that we can't release, specifically related to Kindred," explains a Riot Games representative on the official forums. "Rather than rush a fix out the door, we are going to take due diligence to maintain the integrity of the game and release Kindred (all fixed up) next patch, once it has had adequate coverage. Until that time I hope Worlds can sustain your hype train. We really can't wait to get this champ in your hands and see what you can do with them. They are (still) coming!"

Kindred, who is given the spotlight treatment in the video below, is a hit-and-run character who can prevent defeated allies from dying with its ultimate ability. There's a pretty comprehensive guide to the Champion's moves and play-style over on the LoL website.


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