New Hero: World War II MMOFPS Heroes & Generals called Zhukov

Dec 02 2015 2 min read
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New Heroes and Generals "Zhukov" update improves light tank warfare.

Developer Reto-Moto has announced a new update to their World War II MMOFPS Heroes & Generals called Zhukov - Armored Ambush. The update improves light tank gameplay, adds some new tanks and adds some features such as camouflage for light tanks.

The update adds the Soviet T-70 and the German Pz. II Ausf. L. “Luchs” light tanks, which were used as mobile fire support units. Both tanks are eligible along with all of the other light tanks in their class for camouflage, allowing them to have quick ambushes and strikes to keep the enemy off guard.

Additional features of the update include a new pistol for Russian troops, the 7-shot Nagant M1985 revolver. Historically, the weapon shot with a high muzzle velocity due to its unusual gas-seal system, ideal for close quarters combat.

The update also brings the BA-6, a heavily armed Soviet six-wheeled armored scout car that uses the same turret as the T-26 light tank. It is also armed with a 45mm 20K main gun and a 7.62mm DT coaxial machinegun for defense against infantry.

Finally, the Depot map has been redone to protect spawn points and help flow with tweaks to map elevation points.


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