New Harry Potter RPG is coming, muggles

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New Harry Potter RPG is coming, muggles

We’ve been waiting for AAA-game based in the universe for a looooooooong time

The world of Harry Potter is about to expand, apparently. Twenty long years of waiting and loyal fans of the magic world will finally get a solid AAA-game, or so the rumors say. In the video posted on Reddit you can see the Hogwarts towers and battlements, locations surround it as well as various fantastic beasts. Name and story of the game remain unknown. 

But (once again if you trust that Reddit post) the new Harry Potter game is an RPG world set in 19th century played in third person. Main hero, student of the fifth course year, and Professor Elezar Fig travel beyond area of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on a mission to figure out how to solve a new magical problem they face. 

The post also provides features the game will allegedly have: 

  • Journey to Hogwarts to become one of 8 different Wizard types
  • Experience Hogwarts, make new friends, uncover new secrets, and change the fate of the Wizarding world.
  • Experience a new magic system that creates countless possibilities to master magic.
  • Freely explore the Wizarding World for the first time, Choose your house and friends at Hogwarts, and decide to pursue a path of good or evil.
  • Create your own witch or wizard, and experience a (sic) all new story separate from the books or films.

If you’re fast and observing, you might notice some shots showing a left-hand corner spell selection screen with classic spells from Harry Potter universe, like “Lumos” and “Reparo.”

Once again, rumors are rumors, ok? Let’s not treat it as something set in stone. Although, it doesn’t make it less exciting, does it? For more details, visit the Reddit post mentioned above. 

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