New Fortnite LTE: dominate with your dance moves

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New Fortnite LTE: dominate with your dance moves

In the new LTE, players need to capture zones by dancing inside of them.

Epic Games introduced a new Fortnite Limited Time Event which focuses on Emotes. Players must capture designated game zones using emotes. Each captured zone gradually gives the team points, the first team to get 100 points wins.

Upon death, players keep their weapons, ammo and resources, but they also create ammo drops. This means that a team can get an advantage by simply not dying and not feeding ammo. Death triggers a short respawn timer, when it elapses, a player shows up near one of the captured zones.

LTEs like this is a nice playground for new players who want to practice their shooting skills. Since you don’t have to start matchmaking and look for new weapons after each death, Disco Domination gives ample opportunities to work on aim’n’shoot skills.

Unfortunately, this is not the CTF event many Fortnite fans were expecting. A couple of weeks ago data miners from @FNLeak found code in game client, suggesting an LTE with the popular FPS mode. We might still see CTF in Fortnite Battle Royale, it could happen closer to the end of current season.


Have you played Disco Domination mode already? Did you like it? Share your experience in comments.

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