New Asian Development League with $25,000 in cash

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New Asian Development League with $25,000 in cash

Hello Asia, wanna play some CS:GO?!

The most prestigious leagues and tournaments are hosted in Europe or USA, but with launch of CS:GO for Asian market, the window has opened for Asian players as well. But players need to have some place to play, right? That’s why Vision Studio and Chinese streaming platform Douyu have partnered up to launch Asian Development League.

The online league will consists of three phases: closed qualifier, main stage and the finals. Eight Asian teams will be split into two groups, with classical GSL format for closed qualifier, held on October 15-30. 

The top two teams from each group will move on the main stage, joining eight other invited teams including TyLoo and BOOT-d[S]. The top four teams will advance to the BO3 double-elimination finals, which is set to run from December 2 to 5.  

There are already 16 invited teams, one half to the closed stage and the second half to the main stage.

Closed stage:


  • BTRG

  • Storm Rider

  • Signature

  • New4


  • Recca

  • TNC

Main stage:

  • TyLoo

  • Flash

  • BOOT-d[S]

  • GOSU

  • CyberZen

  • 5POWER

  • SCARZ Absolute

  • Beyond

The 175,000 CNY (~$25,300) prize pool will be distributed in the following way:

1. 70,000 CNY (~$10,110)
2. 35,000 CNY (~$5,055)
3-4. 18,750 CNY (~$2,710)
5-8. 9,375 CNY (~$1,355)

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