Natus Vincere disbands their Dota 2 squad

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Farewell Dendi and Co. – or not?

Sad news everyone! Today Ukrainian esports organization "Natus Vincere" has announced that they decided to disband their Dota 2 squad that became legendary on the esports scene. What exactly led to this tough decision for the organization management? Read the official statement below:

“This can come as a shock to our fans, but we believe this is a step in the right direction. We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, SoNNeikO and PSM for being an important part of Na`Vi. It was a pleasure and an honor to have all of you onboard with us, some of you for many years. ”

Natus Vincere’s official announcement also states the fact that the organization will start building a new DotA 2 squad in the coming weeks.

“However, this is not the end of the road for Na`Vi in Dota 2 as we won't give-up so easily on the game we all love. On the next week we will make a few announcements regarding our new Dota 2 line-up. We will strike back and it is possible that you may get to see the re-emergence of some familiar faces in the scene. ”

Natus Vincere former roster:

  • Oleksandr 'XBOCT' Dashkevych
  • Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin
  • Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov
  • Akbar 'SoNNeikO' Butaev
  • Andrew 'PSM' Dunaev

It is curious to see how things will eventually work out. Apparently, the organization already got the new team roster but will we see Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k and other guys in the new team or not?

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