Nadeshot won’t be allowed to stream Valorant beta today either

Apr 07 2020 2 min read
Riot Games

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Valorant has been a major topic of discussion since it was revealed, and interest has steadily grown ever since. Following the announcement of a closed beta for the game, Riot Games decided to ban all League of Legends organizations from streaming the beta on day one to allow fans and content creators lucky enough to get in to lead the charge.

100 Thieves founder and legendary Call of Duty player, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag has been a content creator for over a decade, so even though his organization wasn't allowed to stream on day one, he was permitted to do so. That was until other LoL organizations called the decision unfair and showing preferential treatment to 100 Thieves. Nadeshot also participated in the private Valorant testing weekend held in late March, which is when the debate began.

Observing the situation, Riot's esports team decided to remove Nadeshot's day one streaming privilege. The new development was first publicly revealed during a livestream in which Nadeshot informed popular streamer, Dennis "cloakzy" Lepore of Riot's decision. 


It's such a long story bro. I'll be playing, but I can't stream. I'm not allowed to stream. Other LCS, LEC, and LCK team owners complained that I had access when they don't have access, so Riot asked me not to stream until the 8th, the next day.

In a Reddit postValorant's Esports Business Strategy lead, Kasra Jafroodi explained their stance on the situation to the community. Jafroodi stated that one of their goals was to ensure all esports organizations around the world received access to Valorant at the same time to prevent any of them from getting a competitive advantage. Giving Nadeshot access to stream while other organizations couldn't, didn't fulfill that goal, which is why he and any other players associated with LoL teams will not be allowed to stream on day one.

Kasra Jafroodi

Sometimes, there's a blurry line between esports and content creators, and in this case, we asked Nadeshot to not stream until the 8th (just as we've asked of all other team orgs). Ultimately, our goal is to ensure fairness in access to VALORANT both for esports orgs and fans (like you).

As to be expected, this change also affects all players participating in the Valorant Twitch Rivals event that gained their ticket to the game through LoL organizations.

The matter has split the community, and all these complications could have been avoided if only there were better communication between Valorant's division and Riot's esports division. However, this development shouldn't negatively impact the success of Valorant's closed beta launch today.


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