Na'Vi Xixo: "It doesn't matter what trades, it only matters what's left"

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Check out our interview with WePlay Hearthstone League Season #1 winner

Check out our interview with WePlay Hearthstone League Season #1 winner, a member of beloved Natus Vincere team, Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert


Congrats with the 1st place on our event! And the first question is: how did you like it, despite being a winner of course, what would you've changed in this league? Or add something new?


Thanks! I think the tournament format was quite good, but doing something extra like player interviews before the final day or so could give the tournament more soul.


You've played a tons of tourneys and been very successful for a long time! Is there a special secret, or just a talent with some luck? What new Hearthstone players could learn from you, your best advice to them?


In chess people say "it doesn't matter what trades, it only matters what's left". I think that is very true in hearthstone too, because if you only consider what's left after the different options you have for your turn it's easier to realize what play is the most difficult for your opponent to react to.


There is a lot of talking about competitive formats. No one seem to like Conquest anymore but LHS also doesn't seem ideal. What do you think about this situation and what's the biggest problem with each format? Where is their weakest spots in your opinion?


I think that at times hearthstone (like any other cardgame) can feel very frustrating and people blame the format for it. I think most formats we've seen so far are alright. 


LoE still coming out and many people really liked shift in the meta after those first couple of wings. What's in your opinion best card in whole LoE set and why?


Reno Jackson is probably the best card, but I don't like the design. Say in 3 or 4 sets from now you will have a lot more options to choose from and playing 1 offs will be a lot less of a downside, so I think Reno either will have to get changed or will limit design space.


Will you participate in our season two if it won't overlap with other big tourneys?



Yes! During the last weeks there have been more tournaments than ever, maybe you can pick a less stacked time for next season?



Would you like to tell something to all your fans?



I really appreciate the support and opportunities I've received over the last year. Thanks to everyone who supported me and a big one to Luffy for helping me with decks for finals.

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