Na'Vi won over Team Questionmark and went to semifinals of SL i-League StarSeries XIV Finals

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Na`Vi have just defeated Question Mark 2-1 (de_dust2 16-4, de_overpass 11-16, de_mirage 16-13) to meet EnVyUs in tomorrow's semi-finals of SL i-League StarSeries XIV Finals.

Natus Vincere's and Question Mark's veto process chucked out a trio of great maps for both sides, starting with de_dust2 (Na`Vi's pick), followed up by de_overpass and de_mirage as the decider.

The first six rounds ended up going out evenly to the teams, after Na`Vi won the first three rounds as Terrorists, and QM followed it up with three of their own, with a few ecos and forcebuys thrown in.

Egor "flamie" Vasilyev then delievered five kills in the next two gunrounds to help his team get up to a 6-3 lead, before Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev stepped forward with a triple from behind. Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen finally stopped the streak in a 1-on-2 clutch, although it wasn't enough to stop the force that was Na`Vi.

When Sukhariev got another triple in the second pistol round after an 11-4 halftime score, there was not much the Danes could have done to avoid a stunning defeat, which came at 16-4.

Switching over to de_overpass, Question Mark's map of choice, who also started on the Counter-Terrorist side and got a good 4-0 lead thanks to great informational plays in the pistol, as well as first gunround.

Sukhariev kicked off the show for Na`Vi with a very close 1-on-4 attempt, and a triple for their first round on the board. The teams then went back and forth for a few rounds, before Na`Vi took three in a row for a 6-6 tie.

QM snatched of the remaining three rounds, as well as the second pistol round and both anti-ecos afterwards, for a 11-7 lead. Natus Vincere held on in the gunrounds though, especially thanks to Denis "seized" Kostin and Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács both picking up four kills in the next two rounds, as they climbed back to a one-round deficit again.

Their agression got punished afterwards though, as the team got picked apart all over the map, and Rasmussen's quad-kill on the A bombsite nearly sealed the deal at 14-10. Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko delayed them for a round with a CZ-75 triple in a forcebuy, but that didn't stop the Danes to even the series at 16-11.

At the beginning of de_mirage, Na`Vi threw away a 5-on-3 lead in the pistol round on the B bombsite, which ended up costing them quite a lot more than expected. Question Mark continued to stand strong, even against a couple of scary ecos and quasi-buys, and make it a 7-0 lead.

Na`Vi did find a way past the defence eventually, although it was only for a couple of rounds in a row, as Nicolai "device" Reedtz's saved AK shut them down again for 9-2. The remaining four rounds were split evenly between the sides, as Finn "karrigan" Andersen was unable to complete a close 1-on-3.

A much-needed pistol round went Na`Vi's way thanks to doubles from Kovács and Kostin, and they didn't let go of the first gunround either, making it 11-10. Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth then came out on top of a 1-on-2 by the skin of his teeth, but failed to turn two more clutches around, and the game was even for the first time at 12-12.

Three more rounds afterwards, things turned grey for the Danish side, who didn't manage to come back from three match points, as Na`Vi advanced to the semi-finals at 16-13, 2-1.

In the semifinals Natus Vincer is going to meet EnVyUs to fight for a spot in the finals. 


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