NA LCS and EU LCS finals both came to an end

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A brief review of both league results.

First one to finish was EU LCS(European League of Legends Championship Series), where two teams were competing for the trophy. On Saturday evening, Misfits Gaming played vs Team Vitality for the third place. In the first game Misfits completely destroyed Vitality. They had more kills and all objectives, while Vitality only managed to get two towers. The second game was completely opposite. VIT has dominated over MSF and won the game on 22nd minute which is the fastest game on Summer Split. In the third game Team Vitality showed what they are made of and crushed Misfits by 17/5 KD and 12k gold difference on the 27th minute. Finally, VIT pushed MSF to their base on the 34th minute and granted themselves the third place. Congratulations to Team Vitality for achieving a solid third place. 

After EU LCS, NA LCS took place. TSM was competing versus 100 Thieves for the third place. Previously TSM was beaten by Cloud 9 with a close Cloud’s victory 3/2. First game for the third place was a complete beating by TSM. 100 Thieves did not manage to even perform a kill, but nevertheless held until the 30th minute. Then 100 has picked the right mood and tempo and won 2nd game, lost 3rd and won again the 4th game. With an equal result, they proceed to the final 5th game, where TSM has put an end to this face-off.   

Later on, the final with Fnatics and FC Schalke 04 was played. All four games were exciting and provided the crowd with thrilling experience to all the fans who watched it. First game FC Schalke 04 dominated and proved that they are worth being here. By the way, FC Schalke 04 became an eSports team only 2 years ago when football club Schalke has opened their horizons to cybersport. The last 3 games were as close as Teemo being the most annoying character ever. Rekkles made a quadra kill playing Xayah and got the MVP final series award. But even after Fnatics, the most recognizable EU League of Legends team won all 3 games, a fresh-born eSport team Schalke has proved that they are worth being in finals and maybe next year, we will see them qualifying to World LCS. 

The Final NA LCS games were incredible. Team Liquid played versus Cloud 9. In the first game, Doublelift performed an incredible double-dodge and carried his team in final teamfight. The second game Doublelift was carrying hard, but in the middle of it Cloud 9 started to focus Doublelift and Svenskeren with a ward-Q-flash-ult combo on Lee Sin almost won the game, but Impact and Olleh did a great job and protected Doublelift and made a huge contribution to the second victory. The second game started with Xmithie ganking top twice and giving a huge advantage to Impact. His Sion was incredibly hard to kill, as well as Thresh(Olleh) and Gragas(Xmithie). With such a great front-line and Doublelift’s damage, Team Liquid has prevailed in the finals 3 games in the row, leaving no chance for Cloud 9. As the team owner Steve said after his team won “Winning the World LCS is a f***ing goal”.

After both NA and EU LCS we can finally say that Vitality, Fnatics, Team Liquid and either Cloud 9 or TSM will compete in the World LCS this October. Judging by their performance this world League of Legends championship is going to be super exciting.  

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