Mysterious Chinese "queen" QingQing talks about WePlay! MT:S

Dec 06 2018 3 min read

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Qu "MissQQoo886" Hwan - or simply QingQing - was one of the few players on WePlay! MT:S tournament to represent China. Although she didn't make it war enough through the playoffs as MieGod did and didn't win the whole thing, she still won our hearts and feelings. We never knew what to expect from her as she was some kind of a "dark horse", yet we were lucky enough to get the chance to talk to her for a bit about the group stage.

  1. WePlay!: Very nice first games, congratulations! You've managed to advance further in playoffs. Did you expect this to happen?
    QingQing: Actually, no. I didn't have much time to prepare for this tournament due to some personal reasons. I was not familiar with this mode and really suffered from it, felt nervous, made a lot of mistakes.
  2. WePlay!: Did your experience with Hearthstone help you?
    QingQing: Yes, it really helped me a lot. Although those are completely different projects gameplay wise, the key logic of card games helps a lot. I can also get more understanding of these two games when playing them both.
  3. WePlay!: What do you think of that loss to Hyped? He actually won both his games flawlessly. What have you learned from him?
    QingQing: I think Hyped is one of the best players now and wish he can win the championship. His deck might be the strongest in this environment and he played nearly perfectly
  4. WePlay!: You were so lucky to win SilverName in the first round because of his misunderstanding of the game. Do you think he will ever be able to play Artifact competitively?
    QingQing: He might not be very familiar with the Artifact's mechanics and with the fact that time limits really matter here. I also felt confused when his time ran out. But I do believe he will perform better in the future because I know he also plays well in Hearthstone.
  5. WePlay!: How about you? Do you plan to play Artifact competitively after this tournament?
    QingQing: It depends. I really enjoyed the amazing feeling to attend an eSports event but right now I'm going to still focus on casting Hearthstone.
  6. WePlay!: What do you think about your playstyle? What are you going to improve?
    QingQing: Guess, I am good at learning this game from other well-played players. I hope I may practice more and perform without this amount of faults next time.

Unfortunately, miss QingQing dropped out of the tournament during the early play-offs. She was absolutely right to predict Hyped's victory - and that's a sign of an insightful and smart player. We wish her all the luck and expect to hear more of her success in the future, whether it is Hearthstone or Artifact.


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