My DLC character picks for Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Apr 16 2020 6 min read

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We're at the tail end of Granblue Fantasy: Versus Fighters Pass 1, which has me wondering which characters will make it into the next batch of DLC.

Cygames was kind enough to announce Belial for Characters Pass 2 even before we knew who we would be getting in the first set of DLC. It seems like somebody at the company wanted to see fans squirm, but hey, we've survived this long, so the rest of the wait shouldn't be any worse.

Fan-favorite Zooey will be arriving sometime this month, with her gameplay reveal scheduled for April 17. That means by May, we could be flooded with everyone's predictions for the next fighters appearing in Characters Pass 2. That's why I've decided to drop my list of hopefuls a little early. 

I've taken the liberty of arranging my list in ascending order, with my choices based on a combination of powers, playstyle, and cool factor. In the end, I've also included honorable mentions for characters that couldn't make the list for one reason or the other. So, without further ado, here are the characters I think would make a great addition to Granblue Fantasy: Versus.



Danua is the first Draph on my list, increasing their number in the game to three. A bit more diversity in character races would help reduce the overabundance of humans in it, after all. Danua is mostly on this list because of her dark puppetry and spooky look, making her a unique addition to the roster. 

Danua's also on the small side, which could make her almost as hard a character to hit as Charlotta, while her puppets are even smaller. A lot of variance in sizes could make Danua a very tricky character to deal with. 



The pugilist princess Aliza makes my list as the only bare-fisted fighter. Her similar fighting stance to other game characters like Jam from Guilty Gear makes Aliza an instant pick for me. 

Cuteness aside, Aliza walks the path of a warrior in search of new experiences and self-improvement for the day she will face her beloved in combat. Until then, we can make room for her on Granblue Fantasy: Versus' roster. She wields the element of fire and could have a moveset full of dodges, feints, and counters.



Eustace is an Erune gunslinger that wields the element of earth. His duty has him busy wandering the Skydom, but he also loves doting on dogs and finding quiet places to take a nap. 

Besides his lone wolf personality, there's the gun he uses, making him another ranged character on a roster full of close/mid-range fighters. Cygames could even take things up a notch by using the Dark version instead of his base design, which adds a dagger to his arsenal. What's not to love? 

Eustace does take the number of The Society members in the game up to three, but the variety he represents should be well worth it. 


Black Knight 

If you've played through the Granblue Fantasy story, then you already know who the Black Knight is. At first glance, you might not be able to guess who is underneath all that armor, but the beauty of the character is the mystery that surrounds her. Just like Gran/Djeeta, the Black Knight has a mysterious girl as a companion, with powers similar to Lyria. However, the Black Knight alone is already a big enough challenge.

Black Knight enters my list not just because of the awesome looking armor but also the saber and gun she uses. As one of the Seven Luminary Knights sworn to serve the True King, the Black Knight helped transform the Erste Empire into a military superpower in just a couple of years.

Looking at her original abilities, Black Knight's moveset in Granblue Fantasy: Versus could include a rage system that sees her attack and defense grow as health drops. She's also got petrification and defense down attacks at her disposal.



I'm stretching the rules a bit by adding Grea since she's a character from Rage of Bahamut that's also in Granblue, but that shouldn't diminish her right to join the roster. The Dragoness isn't exactly a brawler, but her weapon options are either a gauntlet or horns, so let your imagination run wild. She's also got wings, a tail, and hurls fire attacks.

Grea can also inflict her opponents in the original game with a status effect called Dracoburn. This effect increases the damage her fire abilities cause and could be an interesting addition to her fighting game arsenal. Her wings add aerial maneuverability, and the tail is a cool tool that could be used for both attack and defense.

Honorable mentions 

These are the characters I was really tempted to add, but I had to restrain myself from doing so for a variety of reasons.



Yuel is a dual-wielding katana/saber user with a balanced playstyle. In addition to a balanced attack and defense, she also uses the fire element and is an Erune. Yuel travels in search of a treasure she hopes to use to revive the royal family she serves. 

Undeniably a cool character, I stuck her in this list because she doesn't stand out as a unique character. Whether it be her race, the weapon of choice, or element, other characters on my wishlist just add more variety. 



One look at Silva, and you know why she's here. That gun is so huge that just thinking about her mixups brings a smile to my face. She would most likely be a heavy character with long-range options and slow but devastating close-range attacks to keep those brave enough to approach at bay.



Zehek is a character that's afflicted with a spell that causes his body to occasionally glimmer and wanders the Skydom in search of a cure. There are all sorts of ways Cygames could work his glimmer into his moveset, which is why I have Zehek on the list.

I know how it looks, another dark character that uses a dagger, which is why I have him on my honorable mentions list and not the main one. It also doesn't help that he's human, which would just serve to increase the already high number of humans on the roster. 

Fingers Crossed

The source material has just so many characters to choose from, making it an ordeal to come up with a list. There are other characters I would have loved to add, but reasons like race, weapon, and source material kept me from doing it.

I know a lot of you won't agree with my list and that's ok. In a game with hundreds of characters (including variant), its going to be impossible to have everyone agree on a list. I intentionally omitted Vira because she has one of the highest chances of making it into Character Pass 2. She's just too popular not to make it. My list is sort of a fantasy draft, full of characters that probably have a lower chance than most to make it into the game, except maybe Grea.

There's no harm in dreaming, and if by some degree of luck, a couple of these characters do make it into the game, it would definitely be a treat to see. Until I'm proven right (or wrong), let's keep dreaming about who will make the Granblue Fantasy: Versus roster in the second season of DLC. 


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