Mouzesports vs RoX.KiS showmatch overview

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Special overview of the games between Mouzesports and RoX.KiS for those who didn’t have the possibility to watch them online.

WePlayTV show-match


Specially for those who didn’t have the possibility to watch the match Mouzesports vs RoX.KiS online, we would like to perform the overview of the games!

Game 1

After just over half an hour of playing RoX.KiS pulled out the victory from Mouzesports with the score 24-12.

Game 2

The game lasted more than an hour and Mouzesports won it with the score 30-42.

Game 3

This time Mouzesports needed only 30 minutes to win the score is 13-27.

Game 4

One more time Mouzesports spent not more than half an hour to defeat RoX.KiS and put 300$ to their pocket, the score is 26-28.

Game 5

The final game of WePlay.TV show-match. Mouzesports managed to get their 4th victory with the score 36-53 after 40 minutes of playing, which brought 1200$ to Mouzesports and 300$ to RoX.KiS.

Mouzesports vs RoX.KiS

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