mouz beat F3 to win APM S2

Feb 15 2016 2 min read
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mousesports have won the Acer Predator Masters Season 2 title after beating FlipSid3 Tactics 3-0 (16-6 on de_cache and 16-9 on de_overpass).

Prior to the start of the match, it was revealed that FlipSid3 would field HellRaisers' Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow as a substitute due to issues with Yegor "markeloff" Markelov's visa. mousesports agreed to the move in exchange for a one-map lead instead of just the veto advantage they were supposed to have for coming from the Upper Bracket.

The Ukrainian team knew they had a mountain to climb to turn this best-of-five series around, and the first half of Cache was beginning to look lopsided, with mousesports cruising to a commanding 10-1 lead while playing on the CT side. FlipSid3's offense flourished during the final stages of the half, but they still found themselves trailing their opponents by seven rounds.

The second half began with FlipSid3 picking up the opening two rounds, but a third-round buy from mousesports swung the tide back the Germans' way and powered them to close out the map 16-6.

Next up was de_overpass, where FlipSid3 Tactics enjoyed a three-round lead on two occasions, but mousesports labored hard to keep the match at a close 8-7 by the end of the half.

mousesports overcame the deficit by winning the pistol round and the first anti-eco. FlipSid3 bought up in the third round in an attempt to hold down their opponents but were left frustrated by a clutch from Johannes "nex" Maget. Their next buy proved to be successful, but still they were unable to level the score as mousesports hit back armed with nothing but Desert Eagles.

With the momentum once again in their favour and plenty of money to work with, mousesports refused to take their foot off the gas and sealed a 16-9 victory.

Acer Predator Masters Season 2 final standings:

1.  mousesports - $20,000 + 5 PCs

2.  FlipSid3 Tactics - $10,000

3. - $7,000

4.  ALTERNATE aTTaX - $3,000

5-6.  HellRaisers

5-6.  CSGL

7-8.  LDLC White

7-8.  Vexed



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