Mousesports won ESL One New York

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Mousesports won ESL One New York

From the ground to the sky!

The world of Counter-Strike never sleeps. NEVER! As we have informed you earlier, after the FACET Major London ended up this week, all the top teams split their ways to two different tournaments. Astralis, C9 and mibr went to Istanbul to fight for the $250,000, while the rest booked a ticket to the promised land, land of America. 

Sold-out Barclays arena in New York was looking on the best-of-five grand final where the home Team Liquid fought against European superstars from Mousesports. It was a Grand final with a capital G, ladies and gentlemen! Counter-Strike on the highest level. Comebacks from mouz on two maps, truly sick performance from 18-year old Russel “Twistzz” Dulken who ended up with 120/81 K/D ratio (got 23 more kills than chrisJ who was second best fragger on the server) but, most of all, probably the best ace this year.

A long-time member of mouz from Netherlands, Chris “ChrisJ” de Jong took an AWP in 23th round of the last map and made the whole world cry. In a good way, obviously. Haven’t seen this for a loooong time guys, especially in grand final. Let’s have a look:

I know. Just breathe. It’ll be fine. 

Overall, mouz won last map de_mirage 16:8 and stole the series 3:2 over the Americans. $125,000 are going with mousesport to Europe and we can only wait for another great event, which will be StarSeries i-League Season 6 in October 7-14. 

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