Mortal Selfality! Win PS5 for a Mortal Kombat video!

Nov 20 2020 3 min read

Mortal Selfality! Win PS5 for a Mortal Kombat video! ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

The champions always get prizes. And although almost all Mortal Kombat heroes were okay with at least the opportunity to stay alive or save the universe as a prize for winning, our readers have a chance to win a new product from Sony — the Playstation 5, a next-gen beauty straight from the shelf!

And although WePlay Dragon Temple is considered a LAN event, there will be no fans at the newly minted WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv. In the meantime, while the pro players will fight each other in Mortal Kombat, we invite you to arrange an online battle, the winner of which will receive the most cherished PS5! This is a blind fight, so you need to not only punch and kick but also block. The rules are pretty simple: set your camera horizontally, film your hits and kicks, and perform a unique fatality! There are no limits because you are already unique heroes! A detailed guide is just below, but first, the dates, format, and rules.

Activity start and dates

Set! Camera! Action! Go shoot! From November 20 to November 26, post your videos to Twitter and Instagram, put the hashtag #MortalSelfality, and be sure to subscribe to our accounts: @WePlayUFL on Twitter and Instagram.

Give us some time to process the data. Only the 8 best videos will make it to the final stage: they will have to fight against our players and talents!

We will begin posting videos of the #MortalSelfality challenge on November 29, and the final video will be released on December 13 before the start of the matches.

Format and prizes

Eight applications (videos) from social networks will pass to the final stage. Each subscriber fights against a pro player or talent in the first stage. 8 participants + 8 players = 16 participants. Follow our social media carefully to see the video first and find out who goes to the next round! The total number of completed videos is 15: 8 in the first stage, 4 in the second stage, 2 in the semifinals, and 1 in the final.

The winner will receive a brand new Sony Playstation 5, and all finalists will receive a set of branded merchandise.


Become the Grand Champion of Web-Fighting! A quick rundown on how to participate.

1.Take your smartphone and grip it horizontally, approximately 4 meters (13 feet) from where you’ll be performing your stunt.

!Remember that your safety comes first, so make sure to not hurt yourself or others while performing!

2. Adjust your position within the shot, so you appear with your profile to the camera (just like a character in the game). And you are fully visible even if you jump or duck. To make the blind fight work, you need to be stationary, so make sure to stay at the same spot for the duration of the video. Even a small step back or to the side could ruin your chances to win!

3. Go! Unleash your flurry of blows now! Low kicks, high kicks, punches, jumps, and air attacks, your only limit is your creativity and a 30-second timer. Show us what you got! Also, don’t forget to block. This is a blind fight; you have to predict your opponent's moves and design a tactic that will utilize your skills in the best way!

4. Do not leave the edges of the shot, or your fight will be disqualified!

5. Finally, make up your own signature winner’s stance and show it off at the end of the video! Yeah, it’s not a “Fatality,” but it could very well be a “Kreativity." Get it? Got it? Good!


We’ll take your video and the video of your opponent and edit them together with a split-screen. We’ll see who will land more punches and simply be a better fighter! 

Let the Mortal Selfality begin!


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