Mortal Kombat reboot wraps up production

Dec 17 2019 3 min read

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Writer Greg Russo revealed on Twitter that the Mortal Kombat movie reboot had concluded production. The news arrived soon after Warner Bros. announced that the reboot would be releasing sooner than previously announced. 

Mortal Kombat reboot will now release on January 15, 2021, instead of March 2021. We've still got over a year to go, but that's two months sooner than we had to wait. With production wrapped up, we should start seeing some promotional content in the coming months. 

Production on Mortal Kombat reboot began in September 2019, with shooting took place in Australia. The movie is being directed by Simon McQuoid, with the reboot being his feature-length debut. Greg Russo is the movie's writer and James Wan, the producer. 

Actor Lewis Tan who plays the currently unknown lead character in the movie shared a heartfelt message on Instagram for his fans following the production wrap. He posted three pictures and a video with a reflective caption. In the video, he celebrates with Sub-Zero actor Joe Taslim with a bottle of champagne. Tan also made a special tribute to his 15-year-old niece, who continues to inspire him. Born with a rare lung disease, doctors believed she wouldn't live long when she was 3. However, she defied all odds and continues to do so. 



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Picture wrap on Mortal Kombat! This will take awhile to process before I can put the feelings into words accurately, for now I’m depleted, physically and emotionally, I’m delighted and exhilarated, that is how it should feel at the end, give everything for the art. Risk it all. We made something truly special here. I’m proud. The filmmakers and crew were top of their class and beyond professional. Australia delivered unique and breathtaking landscapes. The cast have created a family and bond that will last forever. Thank you @simonmcquoid for your trust and guidance, you are the embodiment of a leader. Lastly, my inspiration. My niece was born with rare a lung disease when she was 3, doctors said she wouldn’t make it, she fought through unthinkable circumstances and impossible odds just to survive. A true warrior. Shes 15 now. This year when I turned down 3 films and 2 TV shows to spend months reading for a huge film that eventually wasn’t for me, she was there texting me support daily, now she sittin in my chair watching me perform as I lead my first studio picture. Never. Ever. Give. Up. #MortalKombatMovie #MortalKombat

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Very little movie footage has been shared so far, and the plot is still a big secret, so naturally, fans are dying for some reliable information. The little glimpses of production posted by the cast do look enticing, though, so there's hope that this could be the best Mortal Kombat silver screen adaption yet. 

Mortal Kombat was released in 1992 and quickly made the jump from arcade to consoles with its unique graphics, brutal gameplay and immense gore. Mortal Kombat 11 released on April 23 to great acclaim and topped April's video game sales. 

Paul W. S. Anderson directed the first Mortal Kombat movie, which went on to earn a worldwide total of $122 million. Multiple films and series have followed since then. 


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