Mortal Kombat 11: Krypt Walkthrough and Guide

Jul 24 2019 9 min read

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Mortal Kombat 11 is the latest addition to the immortal MK series released by NetherRealm Studios. Having said that, the game has some amazing locations and different stuff to do, which are definitely an upgrade from its previous version.

This is where the MK11 Krypt comes to play. However, it is important to remember that in order to go there, players need to play the game on a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. In addition, everything you do in the Krypt is being saved automatically, which means that you need to have a constant connection to the internet in order to be able to play. 

Here comes Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Guide with some tips on how to complete it. Be prepared to witness Shao Kahn s Hammer, Ermac s Amulet, Shang Tsun himself, visit Goro s Lair, fight the mighty Scorpion and the very Scorpion s Spear, the Time Vault, and more! And you're not even in the story mode — remember, everything can happen in MK11 Krypt.

The Krypt

To sum up, the Krypt is an area full of different things that you can unlock. The rewards which you can get vary a lot but, if you are lucky, you might even stumble across some Fatalities. Having said that, you can get those rewards by unlocking different chests. The trick is that each chest has a different requirement which can vary greatly. For example, the vast majority of the normal Treasure Chest will need a certain amount of Koins to be opened. It is also important to note that the locations of those chests are random, which means that you could potentially find a chest at any given time. Read the expanded guide about MK11 krypt key items to become  fighting pro. 

All in all, you will have to earn a lot of koins, open tons of chests, visit new rooms, get hearts to survive, solve a puzzle, open new areas, breach through the breakable wall, fight AI, upgrade your gear, and etc. Let's go!

The Beginning

As soon as you start the game, you will be able to take control of a character that you need to use in order to explore the Krypt. After the opening scenes, there should be two chests standing in front of you which will provide you with some good rewards to start your journey with. When you are done with them, you should see a big door that is about to open itself. Go through it and pick up Shao Kahn s Hammer which you will see sitting on an altar. This weapon is very important because you can use it in order to break different stuff on your way. 

The first use of your new weapon will be to break the bottom of the large sealed gate which goes to the Central Courtyard. In addition to that, if you look on the left from where you took the hammer, you`ll see a hole in the wall. Use the hammer to break it and you`ll be able to enter another place - The Dead Woods.

Courtyard & Forge


Once you enter here, look around a bit until you see another wall that is prone to break. What's more, there should also be a big bell which you can hit with Shao Kahn s Hammer. When you do this, you'll unlock a new gate in the courtyard in addition to getting an accomplishment. From there, go back to the middle of the courtyard and you'll see the new gate which goes to the Forge.

This is a very important place because here you have the ability to craft different items. However, in order to do so, you'll need to get a lot of different ingredients as well.

The Dead Woods

As I mentioned above, apart from entering the Courtyard, you can also choose to go to the Dead Woods. If you do that, you will discover a new unlockable treasure. However, this item could be a little bit tricky to stumble across because it can be in different locations. Another interesting part about the new treasure is that in order to open it, you need to find the proper artifact during your search in the Krypt.

Apart from this new chest, there are dozens of other things here which are very useful. However, probably the most important out of them is the puzzle. It is kind of strange-looking because there are three bodies on each side of it which have mixed body parts. In order to solve this mystery, you need to put the body parts in the right places. If you manage to solve the puzzle, you'll be able to unlock a gate that leads to another Treasure Chest and another gate that leads to Shao Khan s Chest.

The Shrine

Once you are done exploring the places above, take the path to the right inside the Forge. It will lead you to the Mountain Pass where you'll see the Shrine. There are many different interesting this to do here such as earning achievements, winning key items, and more.

Tips: you can get 100 soul fragments by solving puzzles.

However, one of the most important tasks here is to find a cutscene. It will basically reveal a meteorite that is crashing down and you need to stop it. If you succeed, the prize is going to be a Gem of the Living. In addition to that, there is also a gong which you can hit and it will give you 25 000 Koins as well as open a door which will take you back to the central Courtyard.

Warriors Shrine

Apart from going back to the Courtyard, you can also take the exit at the north point in the Shrine and you`ll find yourself in a place called Warrior Shrine. Here, you can see every single fighter in the game or, well, at least his/her head. In addition, there will also be a treasure chests in front of them which you can open. However, it is not going to be easy because, in order to do it, you need to perform 50 fatalities or brutalities while playing in the Tower of Time mode.

The Gardens

When you are done with the Shrine, using the Gem of the Living, head back to the Central Courtyard. There, go to the place where you've hit the Gong and then try to find the Balance Door. Once you do that, place the Gem of the Living in order to open the door and you will also receive 5000 Koins.

As soon as you enter the Gardens, you'll see different paths which go to different places. One of the, and probably the most important one, is on the left wall of the Gardens where you should see a broken wall. Once you go through it, you'll find yourself in the Vault. Having said that, this is a very important place because there is a special item called the Cracked Horn of Motaro, an item which opens a giant door in the Warrior Shrine which leads to Goro s Lair.

Goro's Lair


Here, in Goro's Lair, there are many rooms and each of them has something interesting in it. A good place to start is by following the path once you enter as it will trigger a special cutscene. After you're ready, head to the right where you'll see some jail cells that contain a very crucial item - Kenshi s Blindfold. This item consumes Soul Fragments when used but it allows you to find different loot and other breakable items. After you're done, go back to Goro's Throne and go to the right until you find Scorpion's Spear. This item will allow you to reach otherwise unreachable.

However, at Goro's Lair, if you take the path on the left of Goro's Throne, you'll see a gate that you can open by using the chains on the wall near it. Pull the chains until the gate opens and you see a large dining hall where you need to find starts that go up. Follow them until you find a gate, open it, and go through until there is an elevator. As soon as you find it, hop on it and go to the top. There, you'll see a guy who just died after jumping off there to succeed at Goro's Lair. This means you can loot the corpse. Do it and you will receive an item called Emarc s Amulet of Souls, which will allow you to spend souls on green pots, costing 100 each.

After you do the steps above, head back to the start of Goro's Lair and there will be a door there that you need to open. After that, you will have the option to go either in the Klassic Towers or Towers of Time and do ten fatalities, brutalities, and ten mercies in Tower challenges. Once you are ready, go to the vault and claim your chest which contains 80 000 Koins and an item called the Heart of Blaze, which is needed for a later challenge.

Kytinn Hive

Another cool place to visit is the Kytinn Hive. You can go there if you take the path on the right from the Torture Halls. Be aware that you will need to fight a giant spider which is guarding there but if you do it successfully, you'll be able to claim a very cool skin belonging to D'vorah. Also, keep killing every single spider you see because one of them contains a special item called the Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon. 

Using the Hearth of Blaze - The Sacrifice

In order to use the item which you should have gotten earlier, you need to go to the Warrior's Shrine again. Once there, look out for the stairs which will lead you to the Sacrifice. In addition to that, Shao Kanh's chest should also somewhere along the way. Remember that you can find it by using the blindfold.

Tips: Open a chest whenever you see them, don't hesitate!

When you reach the Sacrifice, you need to put the Heart of Blaze in a cage which will appear once you pull the lever near the three monks. After that, just pull the lever again so that the cage can go back up ad use Scorpion's chain which you got earlier in order to ignite it.

The Dojo

After you're done, go back to the statues and try to find an alcove. There, try finding a weak spot in the wall and when you do, destroy it to go to the Dojo. 

Once there, you'll see a lot of chests which you can open. Of course, they will provide you with different rewards ranging from Koins to various other cool stuff. 

The Second Courtyard

When you do all that needs to be done in the Dojo, go back and try to look out for yet another section in the weak wall. Open it as soon as you find it and it will reveal another cave leading to a place behind the Central Courtyard. Similar to other places like this, there will be tons of chests there. In addition to that, there should also be a chain which you can raise and it will show you to way back to the central courtyard. 

Apart from that, there is another gate that leads to a special area that requires the Dragon Amulet in order to open. If you have the item use it and you'll be able to access the second Kytinn Hive.

Second Kytinn Hive

Once you open the Dragon Door, you'll find yet another gate that is closed. In order to open it, you'll need to solve a puzzle. There should also be three stone wheels which you can inspect and when you do, you`ll find out that each of them requires three specific key items, "soul amulet":

  • Kronika's Amulet
  • Shinnok's Amulet
  • Cetrion's Amulet

Each of those items has different requirements that need to be done in order to obtain them. However, once all of them are in place, you`ll earn 5k Koins and also get access to a new area which is full of other amazing rewards.

Shang Tsung's Throne Room


We're almost at the palace entrance. In order to access the last place, the room of Shang Tsung, you need to go back to the Warrior's Shrine first. The next thing you need to do is definitely not for those who don't like gore stuff but then again, you won't be even playing this game in the first place if you didn't. 

In the Warrior's Shrine, you need to put the head of each fighter where they belong. As you probably guessed, this will definitely take a while because players have to do all the fatalities on each fighter in the Towers of Time or Classic Towers. However, it is definitely worth doing because you will get rare items and other amazing stuff for MK11: character skin, more koins, soul chests, skeleton key, etc.

Thanks for reading this MK11 Krypt Guide and see you in the new realms! Don't miss the breathtaking snow during the first season of WUFL event and watch live the MK11 tournament from 25th of March 2021 up to 28th of March 2021. 


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