More Street Fighter V: Champion Edition V-Skill 2 revealed

Dec 11 2019 4 min read

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Capcom recently revealed the V-Skill 2 techniques for four additional characters in a Twitch stream. The developer also shared more details about a couple of other fighters that already had their showcase. 

During the Capcom stream, fans were introduced to the V-Skill 2 techniques for Birdie, Sakura, Dhalsim, and Urien that arrive with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and season 5. Fighters that revisited were Alex, Blanka, Cody, Kage, Ken, and Poison. 

Here are the new techniques:

New characters


This V-Skill 2 has Birdie chew bubble gum to gain V-Gauge, just like how his donut-eating does in V-Skill 1. He’s also able to blow a bubble that does something different depending on the next button press. Light punch will cause the bubble to explode on the opponent, while medium and heavy punch will shoot the bubble as a projectile at different arcs. 

Kicking will cause the bubble to grow larger, with three different sizes available. After pressing the punch button, the bubble can also block projectiles, but the bubble-blowing process prevents Birdie from jumping and dashing forward or backward.


Sakura’s V-Skill 2 functions similarly to Rashid's first V-Skill. It's a roll that moves her forward and can be used to link into an attack. While it can dodge attacks, it doesn’t seem to have invincibility. Holding the medium kick and punch buttons will initiate a knee attack that puts the opponent in a juggle state if it connects, allowing players to followup with a combo. Besides a lack of invulnerability, the tradeoff is also the technique recovery. 


Dhalsim’s V-Skill 2 essentially buffs his next Yoga Fire attack, leaving the rest of his fire moves untouched. The buffed Yoga Fire will also gain an additional hit and will bounce off the ground (only once). This V-Skill 2 can be performed in the air as well, and when the buffed Yoga Fire hits at close range, players can link a combo. 

Dhalsim will still have his buffed Yoga Fire waiting if hit after using his V-Skill. When used in the air, Dhalsim will have a brief delay, which also makes him able to teleport after using the V-Skill 2. 


Just like Dhalsim, Urien’s V-Skill 2 provides him with a buff. His buffs fireballs and gives them the ability to create juggle opportunities. It will start large but diminish into a smaller size, inflicting three hits when it connects with an opponent that's up close. If the enhanced projectile hits a distant opponent, it will inflict two hits instead of one. 



This V-Skill allows Alex to cancel a special attack into another special on hit and block. However, Alex loses his V-Skill 2 charge if he takes a hit or uses a special move without canceling into another. Not all his special moves can be canceled into either, as EX Stomp will not cancel into anything.


Blanka's V-Skill 2 builds V-Gauge and makes an excellent counter for opponents that use a heavy projectile playstyle. It also extends just outside of sweep range, with the uncharged version negative on block and the charged version positive on block. Dashing to cancel the V-Skill 2 animation will store it instead.


Cody’s second V-Skill can be used while standing or crouching and, if timed correctly, will enable him to dodge particular attacks. The standing version seems to work for overhead, standing, and mid attacks while the crouch is for low attacks. The technique allows players to followup with attacks, but only the standing version can be special canceled. As a tradeoff, Cody’s V-Skill cannot whiff grab attempts or dodge projectiles. However, it does improve after activating any of his V-Triggers.


This V-Skill builds V-Gauge and will push opponents far away on block but within range of a grab. Kage’s V-Trigger 1 will powerup the technique when used and also provides other properties like extending his target combo. This combination will even give Kage a followup action that attacks opponents that don’t rise from the ground quickly.


This V-Skill is excellent for approaching, combos, and pressuring your opponent. The distance he moves is not changed unless you use the charged version, and this alters his trajectory. It also can’t be used to pass through fireballs, but skillful players can dodge them if properly timed. The mid attack is also supposedly -2 on attack without charge and +3 on block when fully charged. 


Poison's V-Skill 2 is similar to Sakura's second V-Skill, in that they both perform followup attacks if the buttons are held instead of pressed. Her followup to the technique is a launcher, which allows players to juggle opponents with her other attacks.

Counting the recently revealed V-Skill 2’s, we still have 22 more fighters to go. That could mean a couple more streams and reveal trailers on the horizon. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition arrives on February 14, 2020.


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