More photos revealed about Tracer in Heroes of the Storm

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New screenshots of Tracer Gameplay for Heroes of the Storm have been released

New screenshots of Tracer Gameplay for Heroes of the Storm have been released.

Tracer was announced back at the latest Blizzcon that she will be a hero in Heroes of the Storm. However, we were kept in the dark regarding this matter until a news article came out a little over 3 weeks ago announcing that Tracer will be released in HOTS. This article also touched upon some of her abilities and potential build.

The Reddit thread going more in depth about Tracer can be found here. Also, you can read another article on our site about her announcement, here.

The latest pictures released about Tracer were found in this tweet:

Now what these pictures show are the animations Tracer will have in HOTS much like the ones she has in Overwatch. One of the biggest concerns about Tracer in Heroes is making her crossover feel complete and giving her the same animations and having her feel like the energetic, time jumping, teleporting hero she is in Overwatch. Based off these couple of photos and the looks of her Kit, I believe they will accomplish that goal.


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