Mordhau — Lute Guide: How to play Lute

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Mordhau — Lute Guide: How to play Lute

Battle dance is a part of the battle, by the way

Mordhau, in addition to the usual set of items for killing, there is such a non-lethal thing like a lute. Fighting with it is surely possible, but very inefficient. The lute is much more useful in the hands of bard who want to encourage partners. It looks like this:

How to equip a lute

A lute takes only one point out of 16 in inventory, so finding it a place next to the main weapon will be quite easy. button is responsible for the alternative grip: after pressing you will put your hands on "guitar's" neck and you will be able to fight it like a war hammer.

How to play the lute in Mordhau

You're here for this, right?

By default, you can play the lute by pressing RMB, LMB and rotating the mouse wheel. To make it more melodic, you can do a battle cry (button). Most likely, you will be able to play a few simplest notes that do not form a melody. So some specialists have created a LuteBot bot, which simplifies the process of playing music at times.

Lute bot for Mordhau

LuteBot allows you to play pre-written tunes in the game. How to use it:

  • Download LuteBot (this link is from the game's official forum)
  • Download the desired midi-file.
  • Download the midi file to the program.
  • In the Key Binding menu, assign a tilde (~) as the console open key.
  • Close the in-game chat, switch to the English language, hold the lute in your hands and press "+".

Done! You are now a musician and ready to enrage everyone with your ingenious and never annoying music. Just don't turn Nickleback, please. 

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