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Jul 08 2019 5 min read

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Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval game which features an amazing combat system. The game itself got released around the end of April this year and so far it has been doing very well.

In Mordhau, players will have to engage in hand-to-hand combat with various medieval weapons. Another interesting addition is that players can actually ride horses during the battles.  Having said that, in order to be good at the game, you have to know which are the best weapons in the game. 

It is important to know that Mordhau is a very creative game, which means that every weapon in the game can potentially become the strongest if you use it in a certain way. 

Despite that, there are definitely some weapons which just feel stronger compared to others.

The Best Weapons

The weapons will be divided into several tiers, depending on their strength. Keep it in mind that some are definitely subject to change, especially during future updates. That’s why this list is only relevant for the time being.

Tier one

  • Spear - Naturally, the spear has the longest reach in the game. It can be absolutely devastating from a distance and on top of that, it is pretty much the only good weapon which relies heavily on a single swing. In addition, you can also use the alt-mode, which will give you more speed and damage to your strikes.

  • Mace - Despite not being as interesting as the spear,  the Mace does insane damage. In fact, it can kill with two swings into to the body of any armor type, which is just mind-blowing. The maces are definitely one of the best choices as a primary weapon.

  • Executioner’s Sword - this weapon has a big range and damage, which means that you can hit more than one person at a time. Definitely a very good option for your main weapon.

  • Pole Axe - One of the best all-around two handlers in the game. However, unlike the mace, for example, this weapon does a little bit less damage. Despite, when you use the alt mode, it will most likely be enough against heavier armors.

  • Crossbow - Having pretty much no draw time and a high-speed projectile, crossbows are definitely one of the strongest weapons in Mordhau. Regardless of that, remember to always have a backup weapon in case you miss your arrows.

Tier two

  • Arming Sword - A versatile and yet inexpensive weapon which is a very good backup plan. However, it is not good against heavily armored opponents, so keep it in mind.

  • Falchion - Similar to the arming sword but this one does a little bit more damage.

  • Rapier - Definitely one of the most annoying weapons to deal with. It is very fast but once you get the hang of it, you can easily predict the attack patterns.

  • Maul -  This is the only weapon which guarantees a one-shot kill. However, it suffers from a short range and speed.

  • Zweihander - A good choice for most enemies because it does a decent amount of damage.

  • Estoc - One of the most versatile weapons you can get for six points. In fact, this is an excellent choice if you just want to get a further reach to your enemies.

  • Short Spear - This weapon gives you a whopping 120 cm of range. Even though the strikes themselves are not that devastating, it still good due to the range. In addition, since this is a spear, the throw damage is very good.

  • Greatsword - A little bit less powerful compared to the Executioner’s Sword but it is way more versatile.

  • Longsword - A simple to use yet effective way to deal with your enemies. It is very similar to Estoc but unlike it, this sword is a little bit less expensive.

  • Bastard Sword - This weapon shares a unique alt mode with the Messer that pretty much makes it a two-handed grip.

  • Messer - A slightly slower and longer Sword. It has the power to kill anyone with two body shots.

  • Throwing Axe - one of the best back-ups ranged weapons. In fact, the axes work wonders even against heavily armored enemies.

Tier Three

  • Eveningstar - It has good body damage but other than that, the other weapons are just better.

  • Halberd - This weapon has the range and good damage. However, it is very slow, which makes it very hard to land any hits because the enemies will just dodge it.

  • Recurve Bow - This bow has a shorter range but is faster compared to the Longbow. Having said that, in order to kill anyone with it, you will need to land more than one shot, which makes it kind of hard to pull off.

  • Bardiche - In alt mode, this weapon has a lot of range. However, it is very predictable and kind of slow, which makes it relatively bad.

  • Axe - a short and not really versatile weapon.

  • Quarterstaff - a one point weapon that has 120sm of range and quick attacks.

  • Cleaver - Fast weapon which does good damage. However, the thurst damage is just not worth.

  • War Axe- Even though this item has good damage, the range and the speed are not it’s strongest characteristics.

  • Battle Axe - Unlike the other axe, this one has a lot more range. However, the lack of thrusting damage makes this a rather useless weapon.

  • Longbow - This item is more expensive compared to the Crossbow and it does less damage. Despite that, if you have the needed skills, it can definitely be a deadly weapon.

  • Billhook - This item has the unique ability to pull people closer or knock them away from you. Even though this might seem very interesting, in reality, it is not that practical. However, it has decent thurst damage, good striking damage, and good range. Despite that, there are just other weapons out there which do the same thing better.

The worst items in Mordhau

  • Rock - As the name suggest, this item is pretty much only good for taunting your enemies. Other than that, it can’t really do much.

  • Throwing Knife - A somewhat better version of the rock but it’s equally useless.

  • Warhammer  - This item has a short range and it does low damage.

  • Blacksmith Hammer - Even though the damage is not bad, this weapon is just not worth it. After all, for the same amount of points you can have a sword which is just better.

  • Wooden Mallet - As the name suggests, this weapon is not really effective.

  • Dagger - One of the fastest weapons but also lowest on the damage. On top of that, it also has no range, which just makes it not worth in the long run.

  • Short Sword - Little range, low damage = bad result.

  • Training Sword - Similar to the one above, this weapon does not really provide all that much.


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