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Jun 03 2019 4 min read

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There aren't many games about the Middle Ages. And even less good and high-quality slashers, in which we don't need to dive deep in the lore or cast spells. Here we have a cold and thrown weapon, and an enemy - take a cudgel and go to beat or crash. The recent Mordhau game became such a slasher, which gives the player a minimum of tasks and a maximum of space for solving them. Unlike the same Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, there are a lot of innovations, one of which is the soldier's perks. Perks are needed to improve your fighting qualities. We'll review the useful features offered by the game in our guide.

At the beginning of the game, each character gets 16 points, which are free to distribute as he wants. You can't choose all at once, so you should think about what exactly will help you to succeed in the battle. The right set of perks will make the game more exciting and will help the character to survive better on the battlefield.

The best Mordhau perks

  • Bloodlust. This perk increases your health by 50% for killing an enemy. Significantly affects the game and help survive in a bloody battle;
  • Tenacious increases passive health recovery by 40%;
  • Dodge. Jumping back allows you to dodge blows. Great skill against those who are trying to reach you with a sword. Avoiding in Mordhau, like other fighting techniques, is an essential part of the gameplay;
  • Friendly. Your health increases by 50% when big teams converge on the battlefield. Don't forget that the game has "friendly fire" - it's also reduced by 50%.
  • Second wind. If you managed to hit the enemy, then the stamina is increased by 30%. The useful perk in protracted fights;
  • Ranger. Your movement speed is increased by 15% when attacking enemy archers. It will help you to avoid hitting arrows; 
  • Huntsman. Excellent skill to counter archers. Your arrows will apply 200% damage to anyone who wears a quiver behind their backs;

Good Mordhau perks

  • Scavenger. The enemy will drop all his equipment after you kill him. Put on more armour and look for a target with a strong weapon on the battlefield. Poke him until he dies, after which you pick up a high-quality sword from his corpse and set off to punish the enemies further;
  • Fireproof. As the name suggests, we take less fire damage - up to 80%. It can be useful anywhere, so if you have free points, then choose this skill;
  • Rush allows you to drastically break from a place at a high-speed run and catch up with the enemy, or vice versa to leave the danger zone;
  • Fury. Killing an enemy will increase your stamina by 66%;
  • Cat. If you fall from a height, you take 50% less damage. A great perk to fall on unsuspecting enemy archers and show them who the real master is.

Not the best Mordhau perks

There are perks in he game that need to be taken last. Their description attracts you to spend money on each of them, but in the end you understand that other skills would be more useful.

  • Peasant. It changes all your weapons and armour to peasant clothes, allows you to fight with any trash staff in your hands, like a hoe. It's funny, but a useless perk. It is interesting to beat a knight in armour with only a scythe for the first couple of games, and then you realize that one wrong move and it's no longer possible to rise from the ground. Peasant is perhaps one of the most unnecessary perks in Mordhau;
  • Brawler. Fists are useful in a drunken brawl somewhere in the tavern, but on the battlefield, where everyone is in armour and waving real swords, they are useless; 
  • Smith increases repair efficiency by 50%. Very controversial perk, without which you handle;
  • Rat. You move 10% faster in the sitting position, while you emit 75% less noise. A rather strange perk, considering that murder and chaos reigns around under the clash of steel swords, no one will hear your steps; 
  • Wrecker allows you to cause 50% more damage to buildings. Also, a very controversial perk, because you aren't a catapult, why do you even need all these formalities?
  • Acrobat allows you to jump with less loss of stamina. It reduces its costs by 50%, but it's difficult to imagine the situation with a batting knight. The enemies won't let you use it too often;
  • Flesh wound allows you not to die from a mortal blow, which, in another case, would instantly kill you. You can live another 5 seconds after this injury. Bow and crossbow shots to the head still cause fatal damage.

Now you have the information you need to succed in the fights. Good luck in your future Mordhau battles!

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