Mordhau - Best Beginner Build - Classes for Beginners

Jun 03 2019 3 min read

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Mordhau has already subdued the hearts of half a million players, and there are good reasons for this. There aren't so many games in which we manage to be a medieval fighter and go to the battlefield, and there is no magic and other fantasy "tinsel". The clanging of steel swords, halberds, the cries of dying fighters - all this complements the atmosphere of the new action movie. Besides, here you can play the lute, and this is +500 to dive into the gameplay.

At the beginning of the game, each player can create a new hero, which he will lead into battle. However, authors have already created several regular classes for impatient players. Each of them is unique, but not all are suitable for beginners. The choice of nine characters can become difficult at the beginning of the game in Mordhau so that we will give a couple of tips.


The best solution at the very beginning of the game is to check the ready-made classes. So you can determine for yourself the most convenient combat kit. You can appreciate how comfortable it is for you to fight with a shield, or it is better to pick up a sweeping two-handed weapon and rush at the enemy. Those who wanted to be away from the battle can choose an archer or crossbowman. After you test each class, you can stop at one decision. Consider that everyone has their own style of fighting, so it will take a long time to get used to it.

There are not so many classes in Mordhau for the beginner, which can be called playable. For example, the lack of stout defence on warriors with two-handed weapons makes them vulnerable to quick attacks that not everyone can react to. As a result, not everyone will be ready for this style. Everything is individual and comes solely from the wishes of the player.

Raider can be one of the best classes for a beginner in Mordhau. He has everything to repel the enemies from another faction: annoying swordsmen can be repulsed by two-handed axe, causing them significant damage. Also, this class has a perfect set of armour, which is regarded as the middle. It doesn't hinder movement and slows you down on the battlefield, but it protects well against punches and stabbing at the same time.

Also, Raider has throwing weapons, represented by four axes, which can be launched into the forehead of some unwatchful archer, or finish off the fleeing enemy. The versatility of the Raider class makes it ideal for those who are just beginning to comprehend the skills of a pedestrian warrior.

However, if more experienced rivals often dominate your Raider and your "death score" increases, it is better to take a closer look at the Protector class. A massive and slow warrior hardly turns in a fight and cannot catch up with an annoying enemy, but he has a strong shield and heavy armour, which more than compensates for the lack of speed.

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