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Jun 03 2019 6 min read

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Even the most hardcorous fans of achievement-hunting will be hurt by Mordhau. But! It is best to find a couple of friends who adore the medieval setting and realistic martial arts. And take them out getting achievements together. Performing heavy tasks in a co-op with random teammates will be much more difficult. If you are a lone warrior from your neighbourhood, we advise you to create a thread on the forum with the name “I am looking for partners to accomplish achievements”, and to write this phrase on the server. 

By the way, you can find an empty Frontline Mode server and add your new allies to different teams there. The method is not very honest, but effective and requires less effort. The main thing to remember is that in the single play and in the Horde Mode, achievements cannot be obtained.

How to unlock achievements in Mordhau

The ABCs — Complete the tutorial.

Boxer — Kill 30 enemies with fists. Hide weapons and beat your friends or go through a more hardcore version online.

I Know Kung Fu — Finish off 10 enemies with a kick. [Oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhhhh Everybody was Kung Fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning] Press F to kick them all.  

That’s No Ordinary ColdKill an enemy with an icicle. You can complete the quest on the Mountain Peak map. There are a lot of icicles between the second and third camps. It is necessary to take someone there (preferably a friend’s character without armour) and knock down an icicle with a bow.

Poacher – Kill 5 enemies with the bear trap. Choose a Hunter and throw traps under the feet of your opponents. The main thing is to kill, not just catch.

Clobbered — Kill 5 enemies with the mallet. Hit them with wood. 

Training Accident — Kill an enemy with the training sword. This sword deal 5 damage. Good luck. 

Ended Rightly — Kill an enemy with the pommel. This one is to be completed in a party. Buy Longsword for 5 points, and a friend will have to take the Flesh Wound skill, allowing him to live 5 seconds after receiving a deadly portion of the damage. Hit the enemy character as long as he could stand still and press the X button with the number 2 on the keyboard. This activates the ability to "throw the pommel" — your hero unscrews a part of the hilt from the sword and throws it at the enemy. The damage is minimal, only 1 point... It will be almost impossible to make it on the battlefield.

Vlad the Impaler — Kill 20 enemies with the ballista. Be careful: this one is completed only with stationary ballista with spears on the Camp map. Engineers' catapults won't suit.

Virtuoso — Kill 5 enemies with the lute. It's tough. Holding the instrument in hands, press the R button: the lute turns into a kind of club.

Lute guide is here, by the way. Rock!

Living Sculpture — Kill 10 enemies with the carving knife. You'll have to learn Peasant's perk for 8 points to open in the Carving Knife weapon category for 1 point. Knives can be thrown or used in melee.

RocknRoll — Kill 5 enemies with rocks. You will have to unlock Rocks in your arsenal, fill all your 3 slots with them and throw until you succeed.

The Queen of Weapons — Kill 20 enemies with the longsword. This is okay. 

Unstoppable — Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying. This is okay but harder.   

Eagle Eye — Land 10 headshots on enemies with projectiles in a single game. Here you can cheat by playing with a friend at the enemy team. After the start of the game, take a bow, run to the pre-agreed meeting point and 10 times in a row, strike the arrow at the target.

Lived to Tell the Tale — Regenerate to full health after getting down to 1 health. A hint: if you run in circles the regeneration will not activate. It remains to calculate everything correctly and stop in time.

Home Run — Deflect a projectile with a strike. Reaction test. Someone shoots at you, you block. Easy. (No) 

Guts — Kill two enemies with a single attack from a melee weapon. Something heavy and big required. Choose from the arsenal.  

Pyromaniac — Kill 10 enemies with fire. Arsenal has Fire Bomb – fill all the available slots with them and throw into everything that moves. 

Whack-A-Mole — Kill 5 enemies with headshots with a couched weapon on horseback. There is a spear next to the stable, pick it up and practice on mannequins. Then head to the field. The main thing is to point the tip on the enemy’s head since the blows to the body are not counted as an achievement.

Put That Away — Perform 20 disarms. As soon as the enemy’s stamina ends, hit the shield that drops from hands. Or try to perform some with friends. It will be so much easier. If you want to get the badge honestly, go to the training camp to learn to disarm enemy characters.

Tough Nut to Crack — Block 1000 melee attacks. This is okay but requires time and blocking training. 

Flyswatter — Block 100 projectiles. Two options. The easy one: grab a friend with a full stock of stones, take a shield. The main thing is to make the stones bounce back to your friend. It will take a couple of minutes to get an ace. The difficult one: get this achievement in battle, like an honest man. 

Chambermaid — Chamber 200 attacks. "Chambering" is a special attack to block an enemy sword and instantly attack. Practice it at the training camp.

Highlander — Decapitate 5 enemies in a single game. You need a hefty sword and powerful slashing blows. With a friend, let him sit down and bend down to the ground five times in a row ...

Keeps Coming Off — Lose your head three times in a single match. Not metaphorically — literally. Just sit down and wait.

Yoink — Take a melee weapon out of a living enemy’s body. Take something one-handed, throw it at the enemy with the R key, come closer and pull it out using the button. The blade must stick out of the body so that you can grip it.

Just a Scratch — Take 400 damage without dying. Heavy armour and patience. Take damage, retrieve, heal, repeat. 

Crybaby — Battlecry 500 times. This is okay, hit constantly. 

Justice from the Grave — Kill an enemy after dying. Traps and fire help. The main thing is to die in time and hope that the enemy has little health.

Stairway to Hell — Kill 5 enemies while climbing a ladder. A good one-handed weapon will help. Climb to the top of the ladder, but you don’t need to get down from there. The character will have the opportunity to swing the blade. It remains to wait for the victim.

Youre Welcome — Get 30 assists in a single match. This is okay.  

Meat Grinder — Get 30 kills in a single match. This is okay. 

Coming Through — Kill 5 enemies by trampling them with the horse. First, you need a horse. Get on it and ride through enemy forces. Yee-haw!

This isn’t Sparta — Cause someone to fall to their death after kicking them. Remember Leonidus from "300" movie? Press F. 

Burning Man — Kill an enemy while you are on fire. Fireproof skill will do. And firebombs. Throw them under your feet and chop the enemies with a sword.

Long List of Names — Kill 1000 enemies. This is okay.

Friend Indeed — Reach 1000 assists. This is more okay. 

Remember, warrior. The honest way to achieve everything in Mordhau to earn quite difficult. If you are a hardcore fan and against abuse, you will have a hard time. But do not forget about a couple of loyal friends who can help with the tasks.

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