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Jan 28 2019 10 min read

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Hey, folks! Today we are going to talk about big bad monsters (although, some of them are pretty cute) in the... err... world of Monster Hunter: World. This guide is about EVERY monster from the game: where they live, how can you beat them, their strengths and weaknesses. The article is really huge, but it contains all the fantastic creatures at once. You can just search for what you need via CTRL+F.

We guarantee that you will find all the monsters you need. Good luck with the hunt.

Great Jagras

Location: Ancient Forest

Great Jagrases are pack leaders. You can find them where ordinary jagrases live. 

Weak spots: head, chest.

Vulnerability: fire 


Location: North-East Ancient Forest and South Wildspire Waste 

This wyvern is a herbivore, so it will not attack you first.

Weak spots: head

Vulnerability: water


Location: Ancient Forest

Track down the wyvern from the 6th map sector, starting from camp C-B. The monster is poisonous, the antidote will be handy while hunting.

Weak spots: head, wings, tail

Vulnerabilities: thunder, sleep, paralysis


Location: Northern Wildspire Waste

Weak spots: front legs, tail 

Vulnerabilities: poisoning, paralysis, explosions 

You can bring down his shell with water element and then set the beast on fire: Barroth, without armour, is very vulnerable to fire damage. 


Location: swamps at the southern Wildpikes

Weak spots: head, tail

Vulnerabilities: stun

The main difficulty is the fight's location. Jyuratodus lives in mud, which slows down the characters. If there is a dry place nearby, force the monster to fight there.


Location: Ancient Forest, tree crowns

Get ready to resist electricity attacks: the monster's skin accumulates static charges. Try to immobilize him before a full charge has accumulated to avoid unnecessary damage. 

Weak spots: tail, head

Vulnerabilities: water, poisoning


Location: Ancient Forest, everywhere 

Extremely aggressive monster. Wear fireproof armour: the wyvern can spit fire.

Weak spots: head, tail

Vulnerabilities: water


Location: Wildpikes: sectors 12 and 3, also sometimes can be seen at Ancient Forest

A very dangerous predator that operates with powerful paws, poisonous tail and fire shots. Maximum vulnerability to weapons, allowing you to climb on her back. For example, Insects Glaive.

Vulnerabilities: stun, dragon element

Weak spots: head, wings. You can reap the tail to avoid poison attacks. 


Location: Coral Highlands, sectors 7 and 8 

This monster blinds the prey and then finishes it off with powerful legs. Watch out for the pulsed organ on the head — it begins to glow before blinding. If you notice the glow — dodge.

Weak spots: head

Vulnerabilities: thunder, ice


Location: Coral Highlands, sector 5

He seems cute, right? Wrong. Aim the airbags. The faster air supply runs out, the easier it will be to fight.

Weak spots: neck.

Vulnerabilities: fire, explosions, stun

Great Girros

Location: Rotten Valley

Be careful! Fang attack will paralyze you! Try to always be to monster's side. It would also be useful to kill Great Girros' pack.

Weak spots: head, paws, tail

Vulnerabilities: water, sleep


Location: Rotten Valley

Remember Dark Souls? Roll, roll, roll! Take a weapon that won't slow down your movements. Try to attack while Radobaan curls up. 

Weak spots: head, paws. Cutting his tail is also useful.

Vulnerabilities: dragon element, explosions


Location: upper sector of Coral Highlands

The main problem of this battle is its duration. A really exhausting one, more for the player, not the character. Legiana loves to fly back to her nest 100 meters above the ground.

Wind Cover will help you a lot, as well as fast and long weapons. For example, Insects Glaive.

Weak spots: head, wings

Vulnerabilities: thunder, posioning.


Dangerous beast wounding you to bleed. Don't move for a few seconds to get rid of this effect. 

Location: Rotten Valley

Weak spots: head, tail 

Vulnerabilities: ice, paralysis


Also known as the Sky King. Breathes fire, spits poison — equip youself with armour, amulets and antidotes. Jump onto his back to be safe.

Location: Ancient Foresr. He's a main quest boss. 

Weak spots: head, wings

Vulnerabilities: dragon element


Underground monster. Shows himself when there's a lot of noise, lives in the shifting sands of Wildpikes. Focus on breaking his horns and tail first —it will be helpful, as he'll become weaponless. In battle, try to be on Diablos' back or near his chest/belly. If there is an opportunity to distract him with allied minions or stunning bombs — use it. 

Get away from the monster when he buries himself into the ground, and, conversely, try to attack when he just dug up: he will be disoriented for a couple of seconds.

Weak spots: head, chest

Vulnerabilities: ice, paralysis


Картинки по запросу кирин монстер хантер

Location: Coral Highgrounds

Find biologist and go through a series of his quests to access the hunt for this rarest dragon (the biologist is located next to Ecological Research). You will get access to the cherished monster after completing 5 quests.

Kirin can accumulate electrical charges. He will begin to glow and throw up his head before the blow. At this moment try to be somewhere on the side, otherwise, you will have to spend some time stunned. Thunder Mantle will help you in battle.

Weak spots: head (horn).

Vulnerabilities: fire, water, sleep, explosion.

Zorah Magdaros

Also known as Flaming Mountain Dragon.

Location: Everstream.

Zorah Magdaros has its own global storyline, so you won't get lost in the woods trying to find it. The battle is split into two acts: at first, a hunter climbs up the monster's spine and tries to destroy magmatic cores; the second part is about shooting Zorah from the ship. Gather fire protection and don't fall into the lava.

Well, this battle is as long and boring as possible.

Weak spots: head, chest

Vulnerabilities: dragon element


Location: Elder's Recess

This wyvern is able to eat stones and turn them into exploding mucus. The set of movements and attacks is similar to the Great Jagras, so the fight should not be extremely difficult. The main thing is not to take a few stones in a row, so as not to get stunned.

When Dodogama wants to spit the explosive mixture, her goitre swells. At this point, you can hit, causing a detonation inside the monster.

Weak spots: head, tail

Vulnerabilities: thunder, poisoning

Pink Rathian

Location: Coral Highlands, Wildpikes

In general, it looks like a more advanced version of the usual ratified, without surprises.

Weak spots: head, tail, wings.

Vulnerabilities: thunder, dragon element, stuns 


We can definitely say that Bazelgause's top feature is that he appears anywhere. And usually in the middle of hunting for another monster, which complicates the task at times. Beware his fire breath and explosive scales (we advise you to climb on top of this monster).

Weak spots: head, wings, tail

Vulnerabilities: thunder, dragon element, poisoning, paralysis


This wyvern has had an own patch in March 2018.

Location: Ancient Forest (loitering around).

Weak spots: head, chest

Vulnerabilities: thunder, dragon element

Try to be near his legs during the fight. Thus, you can evade bites and tail strikes, and at the same time inflict maximum damage on the vulnerable monster's chest.


Картинки по запросу monster hunter world все монстры лавасиот

Jyuratodus's complete analogue, but with lava instead of mud. Try to lure the monster into its own spit of lava so that its armour will nullify a while.

Weak spots: head, chest, tail, flippers

Vulnerabilities: water, poison


Monster Hunter World - статистика - монстры - Урагаан

He's easy enough. Slow but tough. 

Location: Elder's Recess

Weak spots: head, chest

Vulnerabilities: water, poison, stun

Azure Rathalos

Location: Ancient Forest, Elder's Recess

Weak spots: head, tail, wings

Vulnerabilities: dragon element, sleep, paralysis, stun

Try to knock down the Azure Rathalos. On the ground, it's less aggressive so most of the battle tries to fly. Use long weapons.

Black Diablos

Картинки по запросу monster hunter world черная дьяблос

Location: Wildpeaks

This is a female Diablos, but much more aggressive. Do not let her collide you, never ever! This wyvern rams like a real truck! The best choice is to stand under it. So you will avoid both ramming and forked tail strikes.

Weak spots: head, chest, wings

Vulnerabilities: ice, water, dragon element



This is one of the most difficult bosses in the game. Make sure your HP bar is at its maximum: take the Survivor's Mantle and eat all the food that can higher up your health. 

You can find him via Wound and Thirst quest at Elder's Recess.

Weak spots: head (horns), front legs

Vulnerabilities: thunder


Teostra is a classic dragon. We advise you to drink element protection potions and put on armour with fire protection before the fight. It makes sense to cut off the dragon's tail as soon as possible: so you can go behind Teostra while she spews the flame. During the flight, try to counterattack vulnerable spots.

The attack with energy accumulation cannot be interrupted. Run as fast as possible. You can even remove the weapon to run faster.

Location: Elder's Recess

Weak spots: head, wings

Vulnerabilities: water, ice, poison, stun


Картинки по запросу monster hunter world лунастра

Theostra's blue apprentice is also a powerful ancient dragon. When Lunastra begins to glow with a blue flame, it is better to move away or start drinking a cooling drink, otherwise, your character will constantly receive damage. It is safest to attack the monster's neck and chest.

Location: Elder's Recess

Weak spots: гhead, neck, chest

Vulnerabilities: ice, explosions, stun 

Kushala Daora

Location: Elder's Recess

This fight will be tedious. Most of the time the dragon flies in the air and knocks the character down with the wind blows. Insects Glaive will be handy.

Weak spots: head, front legs, tail

Vulnerabilities: thunder, poison, explosion

Vaal Hazak 

Location: Rotten Valley 

It sounds strange, but take blueberries with you. They will save you from the Vaal Hazak's effect, which halves your HP.

Weak spots: head, chest, tail

Vulnerabilities: fire. dragon element, stun, explosions


Location: Elder's Recess

The movements of this ancient dragon are deliberately slow and easy to read. In the first stage of the battle focus on the tail. Then knock out the front legs. And, finally, the wings.

Any of his attacks do a lot of damage, but there are no deadly combos.

Weak spots: head, front legs, tail

Vulnerabilities: poison, fire, water, ice, dragon element, thunder


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