Monster Hunter new mode will give you dogs

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Monster Hunter new mode will give you dogs

Man's best friend is now on the duty

Cats were awesome. They are also useful supports in Monster Hunter World, healing player, setting traps and dealing damage to monsters. However, what about dog-lovers? The new DLC "Canine Palacio mod" will turn a feline into the canine. 

UberGrainy the mod creator has commented on his work:

"I'm not particularly a cat or dog fan, but I know some people wanted a dog partner instead of a cat, so I wanted to see if this kind of MOD is possible. I was trying to make it look like a Shiba dog, but I think the neck needs to be a lot fatter, which causes clipping with most armour. So I reverted the neck to a thinner version." 

As you have already understood, the mode is available for the PC version of Monster Hunter World only, as consoles do not support modding. One more reason for "PC Master Race" to mock console-lovers. As an owner of the console version of the game and console-lover myself, I will wait for consoles to adapt and provide players with modding opportunity, but for now "Congratulation to all PC players and dog lovers".  

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