MLG TKO Europe: Summary

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MLG TKO Europe has come to an end! More information about grand finals can be read in this article.

There was only one question at MLG TKO until yesterday: who will be the champion of European league? Here we present our overview of the grand final between

Team Empire and Fnatic.

Empire was considered as a favorite before the match: Russian-Ukrainian team was in a very good condition, it has lost only once for the recent time. At the same time,
Fnatic had a kind of decline in its playing.

After the first game, it became clear that all pre-match predictions should be taken aside. The most important thing skill was to pull out all the stops here and now. We were in anticipation of an interesting Dota.

Fnatic won the first map thanks to efficient team actions.
Empire could do nothing against Ember Spirit and combination of Tiny + Batrider. Pulling of Clinkz with Aegis to the hill, where he could do nothing, became a revealing moment of the game.
Fnatic got a flawless victory in the first game.

Empire learned its lesson till the second game and banned Ember Spirit during the first phase of bans. The match turned into a classic confrontation between Morphling and Naga Siren, in which Silent succeeded more: together with the successful team actions the team managed to find an antipoison against h4nn1 and co. The speed set by
Empire was too fast for
Fnatic players, so the score became equal.

The third game, as it was expected, was the most persistent.

Empire allowed the opponents to take Ember Spirit, while they counted on their own confident team playing and picked Silencer and Doom. At first, everything was going according to the plan of Empire: step by step the advantage was flowing to the team’s hands, and successful team movements allowed to stave off all threats. It lasted until 42nd minute when
Fnatic managed to win the team fight, which became a basis for a comeback. After this victory
Fnatic was unstoppable - 2:1!

In the fourth game

Empire decided to pick Ember Spirit, and Fnatic chose Alchemist as the main hero.
Empire failed to stop h4nn1 at least somehow: on the 25th minute he managed to take Battle Fury, Assasult Cuirass and Heart of Tarrasque.
Empire had nothing worthy to oppose to this farm. 

Fnatic wins European league of MLG TKO and earns $ 14,000.
Team Empire takes the second place and receives $ 8,500.
RoX.KIS closes the top three of championship’s winners.

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