Method to stream the race to World First in mythic Uldir

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Method to stream the race to World First in mythic Uldir

Join the top-end raiding guild as they tackle Battle for Azeroth’s first raid on mythic difficulty

The no. 1 ranked World of Warcraft guild in the world have announced they will be streaming their attempts to become the first guild to take down G’huun, the instance’s final boss, on mythic difficulty. In partnership with Discord, the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London, as well as MSI and Wowhead, the broadcast will go live at 9 AM CEST on the 12th of September, just before the gates of the raid open. 

Although certain Chinese and American guilds streamed their progress in the past, this will be the first time Method have ever streamed their raiding endeavours live. This comes as no surprise, as the multigaming organisation comprises various popular streamers, who are dedicated to their fanbases. Method have promised to allow viewers to follow the race on their official Discord channel, as well as the main Method stream on Twitch. A total of 19 separate perspectives will be available online, with 4 members of the team streaming live from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. 

Method claimed the title of World First on 3 out of the 5 raids in Legion, WoW’s previous expansion. Intent on living up to their reputation, Method are certainly likely contenders to win the race in mythic Uldir. 

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