Meet WePlay! Winter Madness participants: Alliance

Dec 19 2018 4 min read

Meet WePlay! Winter Madness participants: Alliance ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

WePlay! Reshuffle Madness winners are still considered to be a rather young Dota 2 team on the professional stage, but they have already managed to celebrate their good performance at The Kuala Lumpur Major - reaching playoffs, but then lost to TNC Predator and took 9-12 place.  It is an extremely good result for the first-time team on this level of LAN-tournament. We can hardly call Scandinavians ephemeral: Alliance has also made it to the second major of this season held in Chongqing, got an invitation to ESL One Katowice 2019 right after OG, Team Secret, Fnatic, NiP and paiN Gaming. The team is obviously progressing and won't sit down to rest on their laurels. Let us rewind Alliance's combat five, who will perform at Winter Madness as one of the main favourites of the tournament! 

Max «qojqva» Bröcker  

Bröcker started playing pro-level Dota in 2012. Just like most other competitive players, he tried himself with some mixes — HelloMoto and Meet Your Makers. Then, mousesports spotted this fella: along with German roster of mousesports, Bröcker fought it through to The International 2013. After that, he moved to Team Liquid, where he managed to finish TI4 at 9-10 place. Next, we had Team Tinker and American-brew mousesports. In 2015 Max failed to qualify for his third The International, so he decided to pause his career, resuming it in 2016. Escape Gaming noticed Bröcker, a bit later Max played for Digital Chaos and Ninjas in Pyjamas, and in 2018 signed for Alliance.

Michael «miCKe» Vu

Michael started with Heroes of Newerth, played on the competitive level, but in 2016 decided to search for a better life. He switched for Dota 2, tried several little-know mixes such as Team Doge, Prodota Gaming and Tuho. In November, 2017 miCKe surprised many by signing for Alliance, where his role is mid-carry. Vy is just 19 y.o., but has a very bright future. We hope Michael continues developing, so we can see him throwing world's greatest midders of their thrones. 

Samuel «Boxi» Svahn

Alliance squad has a bunch of Heroes of Newerth ex-players. Svahn is another one. Besides, he did very well in HoN. Samuel won seven pro-tournaments, but Dota's popularity spare no one: in 2016 Boxi hit the ranks of Evil Corporation mix, and then signed straight for Alliance. Pro-Dota is such a mysterious thing! As part of the Scandinavian team, Boxi plays as an offlaner, his favourites are Brewmaster, Mirana and Beastmaster

Aydin «iNSaNiA» Sarkohi 

24-year-old Swede also... yes, came from pro-level Heroes of Newerth as wellHe left HoN in 2016, then, alongside Michael Vu, founded Team Doge, in few months dismissed the squad and made SOLIDUDES mix. In time, iNSaNiA and miCKe moved to Prodota Gaming, played two months for NiP and signed for Alliance in 2017. Michael went mid, Aydin took captains armband and from that moment plays as a support — typical role for a captain. 

Tommy «Taiga» Lee

You know what? Taiga hasn't played Heroes of Newerth! A surprise for Sarkohi and Vu. To be said, Tommy played alongside the legendary Illidan and current Aegis owner Topson. Many of you might have guessed it was Russian SFTe-sports squad. Amazing fairytale, but it ended quickly and Taiga somehow made it to Alliance team.

As we continue our duty by pushing you deeper into pro-Dota 2 world, the Winter Madness praparations are flying. Read more about the upcoming WePlay! Dota 2 tournament on our website, Twitter or Facebook.


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