Meet the newest Dota 2 hero – Snapfire

Aug 23 2019 2 min read
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In a typical TI fashion, Valve just announced a new Dota 2 hero named Snapfire.

Best friends

Many heroes in Dota 2 have friends and foes, which reflects in their voice lines and other interactions. The clip gave us a sneak peek into what friends Snapfire might have.

We see lots of mages here, including both Lina and Crystal Maiden. It also is a minor indication that Snapfire is a new Intelligence hero.

Both Keen and Oglodi? Hello... Auntie

Timbersaw called Snapfire his auntie which hints at a family relationship. Snapfire's red skin tone may indicate some blood fusion between Keen (Timbersaw, Sniper, Techies) and  Oglodi (Axe, Disruptor). An Axe cookie in the basket gives thumbs up to this theory.

Probable abilities

Valve hasn't shared any details about the new hero, but her interaction with Invoker in the video hints at the support role.

  • Enchanted cookie. Heal and/or buff an ally.
  • Turret barrage. Reminds of Gyro's Rocket Barrage. Possibly a single target spell, definitely dealing damage.
  • Mount toggle. In the video, Snapfire had two types of interaction with her mount - sending it to attack the enemy and riding it. We could see interesting mechanics were Snapfire toggles her mount between the Lone Druid Bear mode and riding mode.
  • Spit liquid fire.  Snapfire will definitely have a form of CC involving a fiery solution.

Snapfire is the newest addition to the roster of Dota 2 who will join the game this Fall.


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