Meet Fortnite V6.21 with the Balloons

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Meet Fortnite V6.21 with the Balloons

Now you can fly around the map with this new Epic rarity item.

Epic Games has rolled out a Fortnite update with new gameplay items and balance changes.

The biggest change of the game is the new Balloons which add more mobility options to the game. Balloons can be found in the usual looting places, like chests, drops, vending machines etc. Select the Balloons in the item list and hit the primary fire button to inflate them. The player can use up to 6 Balloons at a time and fly above opponents’ cover.

According to the developers the Ballons have limited longevity, so don’t rely on them to carry you around till the end of the game.

Epic Games decided to fix the interaction between Grappler and moving vehicles. If you use the weapon while in a Quadcrasher or a Golf Cart, velocity will be factored in, if it’s a net gain for the grapple.

Note that 25% of explosive damage will now travel through structures and elements of the environment, so the walls are a little bit less safe from now on.

Another big change of the game is that Semi-Auto Sniper, Guided Missile and Dual Pistols are now vaulted. These weapons remain available only in Playground Mode.

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