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Jan 11 2020 2 min read
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Dobbie is our CS:GO extraordinaire, goodest boy and proud brother to a human sister, Remi. He will be giving us a glimpse of insight into his wonderful and plentiful mind during the 2020 CS:GO season. Who needs a crystal ball when you have a cute doge to predict things? How did we get so lucky? Not sure, but we will be sure to treat him like the royalty that he is and offer all the treats he can handle, which is a lot.

Dobbie is a sheltie/pomeranian mix that was rescued from a hard life on the streets. So, while he may look fluffy and adorable, he knows a thing or two about the hard-knock life. He channeled his time from the streets into the motivation required to be a decisive boy. If you ever find yourself wondering who will win the next CS:GO event, just swing by and Dobbie will provide your answer. Dobbie isn't a betting boy though. He thinks abusing the superpower that is his mind to gain wealth is an unfair advantage and will settle for a nice steak dinner or two.

Dobbie the Decider decided he wanted to create his own TV show where he could share his wealth of knowledge with others. "Dobbie has no master," he says. Since his "not master" is not a Hollywood producer, but a writer, he said he would settle for a news thread so long as he could display his cuteness for the world to see. So, here we are. Dobbie's Decisions will begin with the DreamHack Leipzig Closed Qualifiers. Be sure to check out Dobbie's debut on January 12, or else.


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