Medieval action Mordhau has sold half a million units

May 08 2019 2 min read

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Looks like the Steam community has a huge appetite for multiplayer medieval action games. You might recall the glorious days of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, but now we have a worthy contender to dethrone the former king. Meet Mordhau, the game that has drawn huge attention in just a week.

The developers from the independent studio Triternion have recently announced that their wildest dreams were heavily exceeded – the game had sold almost half a million copies during the first seven days after the release. To be honest, it hasn’t been the smoothest experience as Mordhau faced serious connectivity issues, which have been already resolved. That situation didn’t make a sensible impact as the game was met with a rather warm reception from the gaming community, and the current score in Steam stands at the “Mostly positive” value with 77% positive reviews. The developers are releasing hotfixes a few times a day in an attempt to battle the existing problems, and the players should definitely appreciate such an approach. According to Triternion, Mordhau has already peaked at 60,000 concurrent players.

The secret of popularity is rather simple. Morhau has an engaging combat system, which relies entirely on your skill and the ability to make fast decisions. Despite trying to take the realistic route, the battles in the game are cleverly balanced so that they still feel fun and entertaining. If that’s not enough – the audience of half a million satisfied players speaks for itself.

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