MDL Disneyland® Paris Major: Team Secret is in Grand Final

May 11 2019 4 min read

MDL Disneyland® Paris Major: Team Secret is in Grand Final ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Today has pleased us with intense matches. Three fierce meetings were waiting for us in the Lower Bracket, and just one in the Upper Bracket - but what a spectacular one!

The results

Lower Bracket Round 4 [bo3]

Team Liquid 2:1 OG

Ninjas in Pyjamas 1:2 PSG.LGD

Upper Bracket Finals

Team Secret 2:1 Evil Geniuses

Lower Bracket Round 5

PSG.LGD 1:2 Team Liquid

Source: Liquipedia


Team Liquid vs OG

The day began with the confrontation of Team Liquid and OG. TI8 champions started their way to a place on TI9 from the Upper Bracket, and confidently beat the team, who will participate in the future August The International. But then OG was quickly knocked out from the warm places of the Upper Bracket by Team Secret. N0tail's squad had to meet with Team Liquid in the fourth round of the Lower Bracket. And it seemed that luck could still smile at OG from the first map, but the former OG star, Miracle-, didn't leave them any chances in the next two games, making a total of 36 kills and dying only one time. 2:1 in favour of Team Liquid.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs PSG.LGD

The second team, which Team Secret also threw out of the Upper Bracket, like OG, became PSG.LGD. After the devastating yesterday's match, where they triumphantly (but not without difficulty) knocked out from the tournament, they had to fight against Ninjas in Pyjamas today. PSG.LGD couldn't hold the pressure of Ace, who played on Meepo, on the first map. However, Ame and Somnus'M took the game into their own hands on the second and third maps. Ame particularly excelled, avenged for the humiliation of Faceless Void during the first game properly and died not a single time for the last two maps. 2:1 in favour of PSG.LGD.

Source: PSGeSports Twitter

Team Secret vs Evil Geniuses

Upper Bracket Finals were won by Team Secret with some difficulty. Having taken the first map in 27 minutes (Meepo is definitely lucky at this tournament), the team relaxed slightly and couldn't reflect the pressure of Evil Geniuses in the second game: Arteezy on Sven and Sumail on Windranger were great. DPC rating leaders realized that they absolutely didn't want to fall into the Lower Bracket and play additional matches - they changed tactics and still took the third map with quite active resistance from Evil Geniuses, making a decisive breakthrough in the 43rd minute and smashing the enemy's Ancient. Congratulations to Team Secret on reaching the Grand Final of MDL Disneyland® Paris Major. They have less than a day to gain strength and meet an opponent fully armed.

PSG.LGD vs Team Liquid

The final match of the day was the confrontation of PSG.LGD, a bit tired of the first match, against NiP. The fact of little tiredness reflected in the first map, where PSG.LGD fought vigorously, but still not with the necessary level to defeat Team Liquid. Miracle- on the wave of adrenaline from last game, played great on Morphling (19/0/3). The second map was delayed for 56 minutes and PSG.LGD was able to snatch victory in one game with the help of their core heroes: Somnus'M on Medusa and Ame on Monkey King. The third map was much faster - 41 minutes and today's star Miracle-, despite all the confident predictions that he wouldn't be able to "pull the whole team alone", helped his teammates to go further to tomorrow's meeting with Evil Geniuses.

Source: Team Liquid Twitter

Grand Final day schedule

Lower Bracket Finals [bo3]

13:00 CEST - Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid

Grand Final [bo5]

17:00 CEST - Team Secret vs TBD

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