Massive Upsets on Day Two of GSL Super Tournament

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Massive Upsets on Day Two of GSL Super Tournament

South Korean StarCraft II action continues

Hot on the heels of the GSL finals a mere fortnight ago, AfreecaTV are back at it with the 2018 GSL Super Tournament Season 2. With clear favourites not making it through in unforeseen upsets, the Round-of-16 has just concluded.

Eo ‘SoO’ Yun Soo, whose hopes of making it to BlizzCon 2018 had lain in a good showing at the Super Tournament, failed to deliver, falling to Lee ‘Bunny’ Jae Sun 2:3. Although SoO ended up being the runner-up of BlizzCon 2017, the Asterion eSports player will have to sit out this edition of the Global Finals

The second match of the day saw Park ‘Dark’ Ryung Woo crush Lee ‘Leenock’ Dong Nyoung in decisive fashion. Taking the series 3:0, the former SKT T1 Zerg moved on to the Round-of-8.

 Following that, Jung ‘Fantasy’ Myung Hoon played his first televised match in over two years, having just returned from the military. The Dead Pixels Terran found himself outmatched going up against arguably one of the top three Protoss players in the world in Kim ‘Classic’ Doh Woo, who went on to take the series 3:0. 

The last match of the day, which many had expected to be the least even series of the entire competition, turned out to be anything but that. Jin Air Green Wings’ JangCreatorHyun Woo opened the game against Jun ‘TY’ Tae Yang with solid macro play on Acid Plant. Successfully deflecting the Splyce player’s proxy shenanigans on Blueshift, Creator secured himself a 2:0 lead against the second best Terran in the world. Game three on Lost and Found dragged on for over an hour, as both competitors maxed out on tier 3 air-based units. TY’s ability to adapt to Creator’s movements allowed him to finally catch the elusive Tempest army, pulling the trigger on multiple Yamato Cannons and putting himself on the board. Misreading the situation in game four, the Protoss player caught TY off guard, taking the series 3:1 and possibly pulling off one of the biggest upsets of the season.

The Super Tournament continues tomorrow at 5 PM KST. 

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