Mars is a star of new Dota WTF video

Mar 09 2019 2 min read
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We won’t be afraid of this phrase - the World Famous Youtube channel Dota Watafak is known by its collections of the Dota 2 funniest moments, which are connected with bugs or ridiculous mistakes of players in the game. They posted a new video yesterday, the star of which was a new Dota hero - Mars.

Skills of the character allow him, with the proper "formation" of enemies, to make the triple kill easily and make the team wipe with the help of Witch Doctor or Dark Willow in his ultimate. 

Players admit that (as, by the way, always) the hero is very imbalanced and a patch is needed - it should nerf Mars for a fair game. But we are experienced Dota 2 players, aren’t we? Valve always does this with new heroes and a patch that reduces the hero's imbalance is just around the corner. In the meantime, enjoy the speed of your pick in the public matches and the duos of Mars’ ultimates with Witch Doctor and Dark Willow.

We would also be interested to know whether you tried the new hero in action and did funny moments, worthy of inclusion in the WTF compilation, ever happen to you? You can describe them in the comments, and we’ll laugh or cry together.


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