Map selection and ranking system make their way to PUBG

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Map selection and ranking system make their way to PUBG

It’s time to see whose epeen is bigger!

PUBG Corp. deployed test servers for their Battle Royale with a new post-release patch #22. The main things new update will introduce to the live version of the game are map selection and rank system (similar to the one from the mobile version of PUBG). 

The game will have 8 ranks: bronze to grandmaster. Each of them is determined by amount of points you gain in matches. For instance, players with to 1399 rating will be awarded bronze but to become a grandmaster they’ll need to get at least 2000 points. Starting balance adjustment will be performed after 10 matches. 

The update will also implement a skin exchange system. Players will be able to trade in their “clothing” for higher tier skins, using this simple formula: 10 to 1 with Battle Points used to pay up the difference. The exchange system will allow getting new items, up to rare (blue). 

The last significant change I’d like to cover is a wheel menu that let you pick grenades, healing items and other throwable weapons. To be honest, it looks like an emote wheel, so you’ll be pretty familiar with the mechanics. 

You can find other changes that will come to the live PUBG servers on the official forums

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