Mafia 3 will have "non-lethal options"

Jan 14 2016 2 min read
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The Mafia series is one where violence is big. In the past the series has had its share of shoot-outs, assassinations, and otherwise gruesome murders. Mafia III is just around the corner and while it promises to have much of that same heavy violence, Hangar 13 also confirmed that there will also be slightly more diplomatic options in this latest entry.

Hangar 13 Executive Producer Andy Wilson took part in an interview today with Prankster 101 to discuss the narrative and authenticity that Hangar 13 is trying to bring to Mafia III. During the interview, Wilson confirmed that the game would have "non-lethal" options for play as the game's protagonist, Lincoln Clay:

"There’s a difference between context-less violence and what we’re showing here," says Wilson. "Lincoln as a character… he’s a Vietnam vet, he’s a gangster himself, and he’s going up against some really nasty people in terms of the Italian mob. We’re trying to do it in a credible way. There are going to be non-lethal options in the world as well. Players can choose the way that they actually want to play the game."

It's interesting to say the least, considering the Mafia series has been capitalized by scenes such as the one in Mafia II where Triad gang members murder a man with meat cleavers. Certainly there will most likely be similarly brutal acts of violence in Mafia III, but the idea that a player can take a more diplomatic or at least less volatile approach to mafioso dealings in the game is certainly different.

Mafia III has no confirmed release date yet, but the game is expected to release sometime this year, perhaps in April.




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