Mafia 2 - All Playboy Magazines Location Guide

Aug 16 2019 8 min read

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Mafia 2 is one of the coolest games when it comes down to a mobster type of action. It is set in the 1940s-early 1950s era of the Empire Bay, which is basically a fictional city based on New York City. Apart from many amazing vehicles from that era, you can also listen to some of the most popular music as well. What's more, depending on the weather during the course of the game, the vehicles can be handled very differently.

Apart from that, there are many firearms in the game which all add up to the amazing experience. You can also interact with different objects in the environment by using to types of actions: violet, which means that you can break glass for example or just use a standard action which will not invoke any kind of violence. In addition to this, there are also a lot of new controls such as those that allow the player to take cover behind different objectives and then shoot enemies rather than just standing there.  

However, there is one more part of this amazing game which is very interesting as well. Players can also collect the Playboy magazines which are spread throughout the city. There are fifty of them in total and if you manage to get all of them, you will receive a special achievement called "Ladies Men".  This guide will be useful for both PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Here is where you need to look for in order to lay your hands on the magazines. It is important to remember that there are some chapters of the game where there will be none, so if you can't find any, this could be your answer.

Mafia 2 Playboy Magazine Location Guide

  • There are no magazines in Chapter one, so just sit back and enjoy the ride. It is actually better this way because you will be able to experience the story without having any major distractions to think about.
  • Chapter 2 is where you will find your first two magazines. The first one on Joe's table, which makes it very easy to get. However, the second one will be a bit more tricky because it is located near Mike's shop where you will find three wrecked cars. Go there and look on the shelves until you see it.
  • Chapter 3 has a total of five magazines to get. The first one, called Playmate 18, is located just outside Derek Pappalardo's Office. When you get there, just keep looking on the floor while you are following Steve. You should be able to see it in just a couple of meters after you enter.
    The second one is behind the doorway in Maria Angelo's apartment. To be exact, it will be just behind a small shelf near the entrance.
    Playmate five is located in the Idustrualist specialist office, which makes it a lot harder to get. However, given the proper preparation, you should be able to lay your hands on it.
    The next playmate is located at the very desk of the security guard on the first floor of the main hall there. Who would've guessed that security guards love to "read" those kinds of stuff?
    The last playmate in this chapter is obtainable once you get in the basement of a large storage room. Go there and look between the two shelves and you will find it.

  • Unlike chapter 3, the fourth one has four playboys. The first one is located on the first stairwell near the bookstore, which makes it very easy to get. Once you get there, just check all the books until you find what you came for.
    The second playmate is near the Mall's doors very close to the stairwell. Again, when you go there, be sure to look below so that you won't miss the rune.
    Playmate number eight will be ion the floor inside the small rooftop shelter in the Mall again. Pretty simple and easy to get.
    The last one here is located in Joe's basement. However, going there is very tricky because you won't be able to do it through his apartment. Instead, you need to follow the stairs that are close to it until you reach their end - this is where you need to look a bit.
  • Chapter five has three magazines. The first one is near a big house. You will go there when you are following Henry and Joe, however, instead of going downstairs with them, you need to go upstairs in order to find the magazines on that floor.
    The second one is located in the distillery office on the first floor, exactly on the fourth shelf there. However, as you will see for yourself, this place has a lot of action going on mainly due to the huge fire there. This means that you will basically only have once chance to get it so make sure you do it right, otherwise you will not be able to get it.
    Last, but not least, Playmate 12 is located on the right side of the room close to where you will be protecting Henry.
  • Chapter six also has three playmates. Number one is at the very start of the chapter. You will see a guy who is sleeping behind the bleachers. Go near him but keep it down so that he does not wake up. Once there, look under his legs and you will find the magazine there.
    The second one is very close to the basketball court in the grey shed. You can't really miss it, so don't worry.
    Lastly, this one is located at the top of a very large industrial container. Those containers themselves are near a big building, so just keep looking around for a little bit until you see then.

  • Chapter seven has four of them and they are all pretty easy to get. Playmate one here is located just next to Henry's shop, making it impossible to miss. The second one in the building where Joe lives. However, make sure to go to the top floor because it will be there.
    The third one is inside your very own new apartment building that you get. Head to the second floor and you will see it there on top of a table.
    Last, this Playmate is located on the table of the kitchen inside your own new apartment.
  • The eight-chapter of this game has three magazines. The first one is located on the first foundry corner just after you pass it. The magazine will be standing on an oil drum there.
    Secondly, this one will be under the oil drums this time, on the catwalk. Go there and look on the ground until you see it.
    The last magazine here is located at the very end of the foundry where there will be a shelter near the mob. Go inside the shelter and look for the magazine under a cot near the fire.
  • Chapter nine has four places. Number one is on the bar near the beer taps, whereas the second one will be just after you get sewage dumped on you from above. After that, go to the tunnel on the left and you will find it staying there.
    The third one is located inside the slaughterhouse close to the first walkway. The magazine will be near the metal drum.
    Lastly, this one is near the entry wall on the corner shelf.
  • Chapter ten also has four of them. Number one is inside the laundry room.
    Number two is lying on the ground on floor sixteen. However, instead of following Joe there, take the other road and you will find it on your way there.
    The third magazine is near the lift generator. However, in order to get it, you must be very quick.
    The last one can be found on the floor of your bathroom, so it is probably the easiest one yet.

  • Chapter eleven has five locations.
    The first one is on the second floor of your own house.
    The second one will be in the bathroom on the second floor again, but be careful because it is possible to be set on fire if you take too much time finding it.
    Playmate 28 is located on the floor of the front door bedroom inside the same building.
    The next one is just next to Joe's bed on the table there.
    The last magazine is located in pub Tara. Once you go there, try looking on the floor until you see a dead-end hallway.
  • Chapter twelve has three magazines and the first one located just after you move down from the first location where you meet the guide. The magazine itself can be found between two crates and a delivery truck.
    The second one is just behind the garbage box at the end of a dead-end alley.
    The third playmate is on the right wall near the big green power unit, making it very hard to actually miss.
  • Chapter thirteen also has three locations. However, some of them are a lot harder to get compared to others.
    The first one here is in the main dining hall which is very close to the left corner. Of course, you need to be careful not to get shot at because there is a big gunfight at the same time going outside.
    The second playmate is located in one of the smoking rooms in the same building. Again, be aware of the potential damage that you can take.
    Lastly, this playmate is located at the top of the file box in the armory, which is a little bit tricky to get because you need to navigate through a couple of obstacles. However, when you actually end up going through them, you will find what you came for.

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