Madden NFL 15 Perfectly Predicts Super Bowl 49 Outcome

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A reason to take Madden NFL’s predictions more seriously.  



For several years now EA Sports has been running simulations of every NFL Super Bowl using itsMadden video game franchise. In many cases it’s been inaccurate. Take for example last year where it decided that Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos would topple the Seattle Seahawks 31-28. Not only did it guess the incorrect team, but the Seahawks would win by a cataclysmic 43-8. Other times it has correctly decided the victor, but not the final score.


Despite a history of randomness, EA Sports’ simulated predictions have quickly earned the attention of many following the conclusion of today’s Super Bowl 49.


To put it simply, EA Sports’ simulation of Super Bowl 49 was spot-on. It estimated that New England would take the game with a 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks, and that’s exactly what happened.




Even more surprising, it estimated that the Patriots would be down 24-14 shortly after half-time, but would surge back with two touchdowns, the second of which was a game-winning pass thrown from Quarterback Tom Brady to Wide Receiver Julian Edelman. The same would happen a week after the simulation… in Glendale, Arizona.


Don’t believe us? Check out the Madden NFL 15 Prediction for yourself below, which was published on January 26th:


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