LuckBox, Naiman and MieGod share their experience at WePlay! Artifact MT:S

Dec 03 2018 6 min read

LuckBox, Naiman and MieGod share their experience at WePlay! Artifact MT:S ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Play-offs stage of WePlay! Artifact MT:S is in full swing right now. We are about to find out who's advancing for quarterfinals, but we suggest taking another look at those lucky ones who made it through the group stage. It was messy, it was hilarious, but most importantly - the group stage games were highly entertaining to watch.


WePlay!: Congrats on staying in the tournament despite your first loss. How would you describe your overall performance during the first day?

LuckBox: Thanks! My day started off quite roughly as I lost first match against Joel, and I have to say I fully deserved that. I made some bigger mistakes and got properly "rewarded" for them. I was a little bit tilted but luckily had enough time before the next match, so I went outside to get some fresh air and recover my energy. I took a deep breath, straight up decided that I will play some good Artifact and went to battle. From there I believe I played my total rated A game, and even though there definitely were some minor mistakes I was very happy with my performance from that point, and luckily it was even good enough to stay in the tournament.

WePlay!: The first game with Heffa was pretty hard. The odds were in your favor, especially deck build wise, yet Heffa managed to score 2:1 against you. What was wrong there in your opinion?

LuckBox: As I said before, I made some mistakes and Artifact can be very punishing in this regard. Especially not placing your heroes properly or even some sequencing of how you play your cards/items. I do agree that my build was better for this match, so I am glad I got to play Joel again and take my revenge. :)

WePlay!: The other contender, Xixo, stated he was glad to face Pavel instead of you, Stan. Did you feel the skill gap between you and Pavel? How would you describe the experience of playing with him?

LuckBox: Pavel is a very talented card game player, but he hasn't been playing that long (or maybe did not put enough hours in) and I can see why would Xixo say that. I would say that Pavel is about as good as I was when I was playing the game for a month, and there is still a ton of space for him to improve. I am sure that if he goes full tryhard mode he will be one of the best, but for now I felt very comfortable playing against him.

WePlay!: Meeting Heffa again seemed like you were prepared for what he had. What did you feel after getting the sweet revenge on him?

LuckBox: It felt good, not gonna lie, and a huge relief for me after playing suboptimally in the first series. I also feel like Heffa made some bigger mistakes in the second series while I was happy with my performance, so that's why these game were pretty clean 2:0 cut in my favor.

WePlay!: Do you believe that Artifact logo on the wall behind you has anything to do with your victory?

LuckBox: Hah, not really, but as I love the game I feel very good supporting the game even this way, and it feels nice to play in "Artifact like" atmosphere. Shoutout to Tanakht for making this sweet logo for me!

WePlay!: Were you satisfied with your deck? Are you going to change your strategy for the next stage?

LuckBox: Yes, I tested a ton with my gaming house, most notably Ondřej Stráský aka Honey who also played in the tournament, and I am very happy with the build we arrived to. We thought really hard about every single piece in the deck, and while we did not fully guess the metagame (that is almost impossible to be honest) I felt prepared for everything that I faced.


WePlay!: Great job on staying in the tournament! Are you satisfied with your plays?

Naiman: During the group stage I made two huge mistakes. The first one cost me the match and I didn't get punished for the second one. On a scale from 1 to 5 I'd rate myself a 2.

WePlay!: You've lost your first game against dpmlicious, although her deck was weaker and the odds were in your favor. So how did this happen?

Naiman: I got unlucky with the initial deployments. The only bad outcome is when Phantom Assassin will face one of my two green heroes. As I remember it happened in all three games. In all three games she finished the first turn with 7 gold. This amount helped her to push my lanes faster. Without such circumstance in early push my deck will prevail in mid and late game.

WePlay!: The second round didn't go very well either being a draw. Didn't you get knocked off by this chain of events?

Naiman:  I'm a quite experienced player. In Hearthstone I made comebacks from 0:2 deficit. So I'm mentally stable in such situations.

WePlay!: WifeCoach was considered to be one of the strongest players of your Group, yet you've won. Did you fell she was actually strong?

Naiman: My decks were favored against her decks. I think this fact decided the outcome. And Cheating Death was also on my side.

WePlay!: How do you feel about kicking dpmlicious out of the tournament afterwards in the Decider match? How about being nice to ladies?

Naiman: I respect ladies in eSports but during matches I don't think about my opponents' gender.

WePlay!: Do you believe you work well with your deck? It's really powerful, but it seems like you are underperforming with it and locking its potential.

Naiman: I'm pretty sure I did the best I could with my draws. I piloted the deck well. Two misplays which I mentioned earlier aren't connected to piloting.


WePlay!: You've had some exhausting games during the group stage with two draws in a row. How did it affect your game afterwards?

MieGod: All I can say is that I was very excited when I won, but when I watched my replays it became obvious I can improve more.

WePlay!: It looked like you've deliberately gone for the second tie. Is that true? Was there anything you could do to actually win?

MieGod: No, I made too much mistakes in that series, I wish I could win for sure.

WePlay!: Do you agree that you were extremely lucky while playing with Freddy?

MieGod: Yeah, I think so and his Cheating Death was fake. And also Tidehunter was valuable.

WePlay!: Did you have a feeling of a mirror match with DrHippi?

MieGod: Oh, yes.

WePlay!: DrHippi scored first, but you managed to beat him twice after that. What helped you with your victory?

MieGod: Honestly, it's ALL Tidehunter's credit, as far as he can get initiative.

WePlay!: Do you actually like your deck for the group stage? Do you believe it's well-balanced?

MieGod: Yeah, I like it a lot, and it's pretty close to my playstyle when I play Hearthstone.


Sadly, Naiman didn't make it through the playoffs. Once again we highly recommend you to give all the games mentioned above a look. To do so, head over to the tournament page - or simply view our handy daily recaps via the links:


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